Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sorry, folks. But this is your update for this week.

Lame, I know, but bright and early tomorrow Hubby and I will be trekkin' back to my home state for a four-day mini-vacation/2nd honeymoon. We'll be kicking it up real classy like by staying in the same bridal suite we had for our wedding. We shall be eating year old lemon cake with blueberry frosting. There will be endless cuddling.


This past week was filled with frantic Wedding Thank You writing - before hitting that dreaded "year later" deadline - as well as massive cleaning frenzies and other such household chores. I also Beta Read a chapter of Keep Love In Your Heart for DarkAngel1326 that she sent to me LAST WEEK... so, sorry to her readers. That was totally "my bad".

Speaking of DA1326... she JUST started up her own blog about her writing. Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

Also, Chopfe pitched me an idea of a collaborative webcomic. I'd write the scripts and he'd draw. He originally pitched "The Adventures of LycoRogue" since he's having insane fun drawing my "persona". So now I'm wondering A) should I go with this venture? It does sound like a lot of fun! and B) what should the comic be about?

Do you, my readers, have any thoughts? My little bag-o-tricks so far is...
  1. Lyco with her crazy antics and adventures - what Chopfe pitched... not sure where to go with that though....Perhaps somewhere like here?
  2. My everyday insanity portrayed through Lyco. Sort of similar to Junawashere's "My Life" comics. I think this is the one I'm leaning towards the most...
  3. Completely forgetting about the Lyco persona. Starting from scratch with a fresh batch of characters as they go through the craziness my playgroup goes through during our D&D sessions. I was thinking of having it portrayed sort of similar to this Dead Alewives sketch - staying mostly in the "D&D world"  but then switching to the "real world" when people break character. Having never played, Chopfe is a little weary of this option.
All of this equates to me being mad busy preparing for our trip and not doing anything on the writing side of things. Not sure if I'll get any writing done this upcoming week with four days being spent snuggling with my hubby, but we'll see.

Now off to quickly pack before I need to scurry to work.


  1. Well, I have another blog to check out now! DA1326 is so cool. :D

    As for the collab comic, it is entirely up to you what you wanna do. I'll even do the D&D one if ya want, even though I never played it. I'm sure I can have fun with it. But either way, I'm eager to work with you if this idea becomes reality. :)

    Take care! :D :D

  2. Have a wonderful vacation -- and happy first anniversary! x