Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleaning and Brainstorming and Championship Games; Oh My!

So, yet again I failed at my Sunday is Update Day thing. The worst part is that I've actually been waiting to blog this week. I have so much to talk about I almost posted on like Wednesday or Thursday, but I was afraid that I wouldn't have anything else to write on Sunday.

And then Sunday came and nearly went without a post. Just so that my three readers wouldn't get confused I ended up posting a "placeholder" just to prove that I really WILL update every week - even if it's with filler....

Here's my list of excuses:
1 - A friend has become my Jedi Master in the world of "Super Couponing" and my weekends have been pretty full with THAT training.... It kept me SIX HOURS to clip all the coupons she gave me last week. And Sunday it kept me all day to organize the five-inch-thick stack of coupons. Why did it keep me a week to organize the coupons I clipped? Well, reason 2....
2 - It's cold outside and my husband's LARP group still wanted to have our monthly session. And so, knowing I had a week to clean, I agreed that we should have the game at our house so we didn't have to do the session in the local park. Now, had I but kept up with my New Year resolution to keep with a cleaning regimen there wouldn't have been a problem. However, I was distracted with Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword lately. So it kept me all week to clean - but everything was neat, reorganized, and I unpacked a few more boxes in time for the Friday game. So.... yay!
3 - My favorite American football team the New York Giants were playing in the championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. This nailbiting game in the rain was a true Battle of the Defenses with both teams going in to overtime with 17points each. Nearly ten out of the fifteen minutes of overtime passed before the Giants finally called their kicker in for the game-winning score; sending the Giants to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. When I had given up on the stack of coupons I was going to finally blog, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off of the TV long enough to write something worth-while.
4 - I then had every intention to blog after the game - but I was too tired. And I was going to make up for it by finally blogging yesterday. However, I spent the first half of the day running around STILL trying to find a job. And then the second half of the day was spent sleeping on the couch with a bad reaction to the soup I bought from Subway. I should have just gone for the sandwich.....

Well, here it is, Tuesday, and two days late on the update. But update I still shall!

For a while I wanted to jot all my Plot Bunnies down in one spot, maybe even have my readers comment on which story they'd like me to try out first. However, I keep having legit things to blog about and so the Plot Bunny post got pushed to the back burner... as it is again this week.

Originally, I was thinking I'd actually blog about the Plot Bunnies; since I was still in my rut with the chapter that has been plaguing me for about eight months. Then my script writing buddy ChibiSunnie came to my rescue! The girl that said she'd Beta for me about two months ago never got back to me. I think I overwhelmed her. In fact, ChibiSunnie, who knows first hand how extremely anal about details I can be, still chuckled about being overwhelmed by everything I had bouncing around in my head. Thankfully, due to our co-op during Script Frenzy last April, Chibi knew how to handle the three-pages of info I gave her and really helped me work through a lot of my issues.

My big thing was that I shot myself in the foot. Since the twist at the end of my one-shot-turned-chapter-one was a surprise even to me, I didn't have the entire backstory thought up. Then I had an issue with the chapters surrounding Helga's Sweet Sixteen in which Helga and Arnold got back together when I didn't want them to. And so Arnold not knowing the Chapter 1 twist seemed odd. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how Arnold didn't know. Thankfully, talking things through with Chibi super-duper helped.

BIG HUGS TO YOU CHIBISUNNIE!!!! :D Thanks so much for the help!
So now I can get my butt back in gear, finish my chapter skeleton, and FINALLY get to writing.

Since Chibi worked hard to draw me a beautiful Christmas Postcard as a gift and I didn't even think of making anything for her I told her I'd write whatever fluff she wanted for Valentine's day. So that means I have until February 14th to not only write this chapter that's been haunting me since LAST February, but also write Chibi her fluff. Time to get crackin'!

A little hint on what Chibi would like for Valentine's Day this year - Arnold and Helga weren't the only ones who dreamed what married life would be like after Rhonda's origami fortune teller matched them up....

Yet ANOTHER thing involving ChibiSunnie is that she's currently sketching out a scene from each chapter of my story!!! She already has a pencil sketch of the break-up scene from the first chapter and the Helga-in-the-junkyard scene from the second chapter. I'm so excited to see them finished up, but she's back in school so it might be a while before she inks and colors them. Once she's done I'll have to post them here!!!! I'm so excited that I'm going to get illustrations for my story! I'm still in shock that my writing was able to inspire someone enough for them to want to draw my "powerful scenes" - as Chibi puts it.

My last bit of news is the excitement I'm getting when I realize that people are not only reading this blog - 31 views when I last updated - but people are ALSO finding and reading my stories on FanFiction! January 8th is the only day I haven't had at least ONE person read my stories - which is amazing for me since there have been months where there were more days where no one found my work than days when at least one person did. Having a continued readership when I haven't posted anything new since early November is just shocking to me!

Not only have I had a steady flow of people reading my stuff, but every story I've posted has received one or two new faves this month! The fact that people are still finding my work just amazes me to no end! Perhaps it's because Delaroux and DarkAngel1326 both post me as their beta in their Author's Notes.... It would make sense if that were the case....

OOOh, speaking of DarkAngel1326, I have been beta-reading for her new prose works. I'm so proud of this girl! She's so open to criticism and seems to really appreciate the help. The only thing else I have to say about her is if I were to suck at poetry as much as she claims she sucks at prose then I'd have a poetry book self-published somewhere....

OK, so Lunar New Year was yesterday, so maybe Reboot Resolutions Take 3 will be effective! We'll see next week, depending on whether or not I actually post on time. Perhaps finally a Plot Bunny post, or perhaps it will be pushed back one more week because I'll actually have more story-related news! I sure hope the latter is true.

*This would be where I have a cool signature post-closing line if I were creative enough to think of one.... can I use "See ya, Cowboy" until I think of something????*

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