Sunday, September 2, 2012

Originally, I was plowing through Lycopolis fast enough that I thought I'd be able to do a full review of the book in this week's post. However, I got stopped by a couple of wonderful emails this week. DarkAngel1326 is back to writing! YAY!

She sent me her latest chapter of Keep Love In Your Heart, as well as a prologue to a new story she's working on. She's struggling with deciding on what to do with the new story. She knows how she wants it to grow, but isn't sure it will be able to do so as a fanfic. Yet she's still not confident enough with her writing to give up the "playing in someone else's sandbox" crutch. Can't say I blame her; I have the same struggles. Anyway, I'm trying to encourage her to just take the leap and make this new story an original. We'll see how that goes.

So if you read DA's stuff - and all of you should, it's awesome! - please give her some encouragement!
**SIDE NOTE: DA's b'day is this week! Whoot! I wish I knew what to do for her birthday. I mean, the girl got me three amazing gifts.... Must. Think. Of. Something!**

Speaking of encouragement, Omnibladestrike also sent me something this week! If you're having difficulties remembering him, well, he's my IRL buddy who's writing an original fantasy tale. It's been a bit of a struggle, and he's restarted the story about seven times now. But I'm sure Ali Luke can reassure him that most great novels are like that. She even commented SOMEWHERE that Lycopolis is a far cry from the original draft.

Anyway, he sent me his new prologue. It kept me a while to get to it - crazy week, plus beta reading, plus what I'm going to talk about next - but I have to say I'm quite impressed by what he has. Yes, there's still some polishing that needs to be done, but in comparison to past drafts, this one feels like it's by a completely different author. I'm amazed at how much he has grown during his "Gah! I can't write!" self-discovery hiatus.

So let's also throw out some mad props to Omni! You go, dude! And trust me, we WILL get your story to a point where you'll be proud to show it off!

Aside from getting back in to Beta reading, I've also spent the week watching Hubby play Persona 4. I'm not really one for turn-based games - which is why I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy or Pokemon - and the first 4hrs or so of the game just draaaaaaaaaaag on.... but after THAT the game is really interesting to me. Also, I completely love the soundtrack! I'm actually listening to one of the songs on loop while writing this post.

I find myself compelled by the story, shocked by the insane amount of "OMG, WHAT!?" moments, and now I'm excitedly waiting for Hubby to finish the game so we can track down the anime of it.

And speaking of shows....
I was visiting CelestralTyrant this week. When Hubby and I were finally on our way out the door - at 1:30am - I noticed a book on CT's end table:


I squealed like the little fangirl that I am, snatched the book from the table, and had the following conversation:

Me: OMG, OMG, OMG! Is this legit a book version of the old cartoon series!?
CT: Um, I guess. I dunno. I've had that book forever.
Me: Isn't it amazing!? I totally heart this series!
CT: Oh, uh, it actually bored me every time I tried to read it.
Me: Are you kidding me!?
CT: Yeah... so if you want you can take the book. Like, seriously. Just take it. Merry Christmas.

OMG! CT, you are AWESOME!!!! So, naturally I tracked down the old TV series on YouTube. Sadly, the only posting I could find has the episodes split up in to three 7min segments - so THAT'S kinda annoying. But at least I can still watch it! *squee*

DreamWorks! You need to get this series out on DVD! NOW! ShoutFactory, if you get the rights to put this show on DVD after doing the same with Hey Arnold and Reboot.... well.... I might as well just sign my paychecks directly over to them from now on! XD

Granted, the likelihood of the series being put on DVD anytime soon is slim-to-none considering most people don't even remember the show. Even I only remember it every once in a while - but when I do I go INSANE with it! As I tend to do with most of my fandoms....

So, this actually all circles back to my writing. No, I'm not working on an Invasion America fanfic. However, I fear the same results the series - and book - got.

Much like DarkAngel1326, I fear my writing isn't good enough. I see how renowned all these other fanfiction writers are in the fandom. Whenever someone asks, "Who's a good writer?" or "What stories should I read?" I see the same ones come up over and over... and my name is never even thought of. There's at least one DeviantArt group dedicated to fanart of a fanfiction. My work isn't nearly as good as that. I mean, I get ChibiSunnie's awesome fanart, but... well...

Hubby reassures me that I'm too harsh on myself; that I have at least five super-devoted fans. And I love each and every one of them for that! However, if you're a show and you have an insane cult following, but the mainstream doesn't even know of you, you still get cancelled. Am I destined to be Invasion America? Or Invader Zim? Or Firefly? Am I destined to have a handful of really loyal fans, but still fade in to obscurity?

I dunno. Maybe I'm just being too harsh on myself. Maybe I should really be grateful I have even that handful of fans - and that they are so devoted to my work. Maybe I should stop thinking about becoming "famous" and just focus on telling stories. Go back to the "I don't care if anyone reads this, I'm writing this for me" attitude I had when I started "WTMTB".

Self discovery is hard, man! :P Maybe I'll have things better sorted out next week. At the very least I hope to have a link to DA's birthday gift.

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  1. I actually got a birthday gift for DarkAngel1326 sketched out. I plan to ink it soon (I just hope DA isn't reading this. XD).

    And I just wanna say thank you for introducing her to me through her HEY ARNOLD story. She's incredibly nice and we've have had the occasional chat every now and then. And if you don't mind, I'm putting you in the birthday pic, seeing how you two are good friends and all. :)