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The Super Crossover Hybrid Story

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So this week was filled with super-delayed beta reading, home maintenance projects, cleaning, work insanity, and all-day friend visits. Not to mention finishing off Ali Luke's story Lycopolis.

So I find out - super duper late - that Chopfe had a birthday this past Monday! So I have to REALLY get over this Writer's Block so I can write him a belated b'day gift. Worst part is that for a couple of months I've had something in mind that I was specifically waiting for his birthday to write.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then I missed it.... *sigh*

BUUUUT speaking of birthdays! My lovely DarkAngel1326 had her birthday this week as well. So part of that super-delayed beta reading - as well as one of the things I beta-ed the week DA and OmniBladeStrike sent me stuff - was a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Hey Arnold crossover story. A story that AngelBlood666 wrote as his gift to HIS beloved Beta. So, sorry dude for getting the edits back to you so slowly, but YAY that DA loved the gift! ^_^

As for my own gift..... well..... *sigh* Writer's Block got me there too... so I "gifted" her the same thing I gave ChibiSunnie for Christmas. I told DA I'd write her ANYTHING she wanted me to. So now she's keeping this "One Story Coupon" tucked neatly away until she can think of something.

When it comes to Lycopolis, I highly recommend the read. I can't wait until Ali has books 2 and 3 done for the series! Check out my review on Amazon - it's the first one I've ever written, yay!

So now that I can't hide behind reading - although I DOOOOOO have a few more good books waiting to be read - I SHOULD start cracking down on my writing, FINALLY.

And speaking of which, since I don't have any new stories for you lovelies to read I decided to give you all a taste of that epic "BLARG, EVERY FANDOM I HAVE MUST BE IN THIS CROSSOVER" Hybrid story. I talked about this story last month.

The main portion of the story is a sort of an original taking place in the world of Fable. The world, as well as the "quest" that the story follows are both highly influenced by the Legend of Zelda series. Then I mooshed in elements and character traits/backstories from about six different games/movies/shows.

I've got InuYasha, The Vision of Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, The Little Mermaid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Tomb Raider. I'm sure there were more that I "stole" from, but this is all I could remember right now.

I don't really have the basic plotline of the story written down, so I'm going off of memory. The main storyline I was working with would be the plot to Fable.
Male Lead's family is somehow important in an overall plot of the villain; they get attacked; Male Lead wasn't at the house at the time and is now thought of as an orphan. The Male Lead is taken in by an academy built specifically to "train heroes" for the land. The Male Lead graduates and sets out on his adventures, whatever they be. Meanwhile, back on Earth - which is another world/separate dimension/parallel universe; haven't decided - Female Lead is taking care of her grandfather's old estate and comes across this weird stone platform in the woods. She somehow accidentally activates the platform and is transported in to Male Lead's world - I guess you can throw "Stargate" in with the above list.
Female Lead finds herself in an ancient platform ruins similar to the one she teleported with. She's then attacked by bandits that set up camp by the ruins. Luckily, the Male Lead was in the area and able to rescue her.
There is an awkward interaction when she tries to explain where she came from, and the Male Lead realizes she found a way to activate the Cullis Gate - a name taken straight from Fable, so I'll have to come up with my own. They then quest to find out how it is she was able to activate it when no one else could, and how to bring her home.
Meanwhile, her arrival is thought of as part of a prophecy and it triggers the arrival of the antagonist. His plans that he set in motion when he attacked the Male Lead's family can finally be completed. While struggling to find answers, Male Lead must now combat the antagonist's henchmen. As the story progresses the Female Lead becomes better at combat in order to protect herself, not rely on the Male Lead, and to assist the Male Lead.
The lead characters discover the legend of a powerful sword created by The Four Sisters and sealed away with the use of powerful gems - one of which was shattered and magically distributed throughout the kingdom. The Female Lead has one such shard as a charm on her necklace. The story transitions in to InuYasha with the new plot of tracking down the other shards of the jewel - don't worry, InuYasha fans, there's only about 15 shards and this part of the story shouldn't take too long to get through. I guess this is also sort of Legend of Zelda-ish since there are a few games where a Triforce is shattered and Link must find the pieces and put it back together - each time only needing 8 shards. Anyway, they must track down the shards for two reasons. The first is that the sword the jewel locks away will help defeat the villain. The second is that the jewel will be powerful enough to send the Female Lead home.
Throughout their travels to find the shards the story again goes to the Fable story line where the Male Lead starts to uncover the truth about his past and heritage and why he - and the Female Lead - are so important to the antagonist.
The story reaches its climax and the True Villain shows himself. Much like any good Legend of Zelda game, the main antagonist is simply the puppet of the True Villain. The Leads must work together to defeat this evil and again bring peace. Then the Female Lead uses the jewel to activate the Cullis Gate. I have yet to decide if A) The Female Lead goes home, B) The Female Lead decides to stay with the Male Lead, or C) The Male Lead decides to go with the Female Lead to Earth - forever leaving his world behind. There are a multitude of animes - some of which I used in my hybrid - as well as Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess that have this ending, so we'll see where I go with it.

I know, there didn't seem like there were too many Legend of Zelda moments in there even though that's the secondary story I'm working with. Most of the elements I "stole" end up in the details - mostly centering around the sword and the jewels. The Male Lead also has the traveling companion that Link has in most of the games - manifesting itself in the most renowned form of a fairy.

Along with the Find The Shards quest that is prominent in Legend of Zelda and InuYasha, the other main InuYasha detail is that the Male Lead is a half-demon. I don't quite recall why I went down that route or if I'll keep that characteristic.

The other animes/movies/games that I listed show up in the character builds of the Leads, Antagonist, True Villain, and the Male Lead's mother - whose backstory is important to the plot.

As I warned you guys, this post is getting epicly long, so I'll finish up with an excerpt I wrote detailing the legend of the sword. This part is a near-blatant rip-off of the Legend of Zelda Hyrule/Triforce Creation Story, so I'll have to tweak that I think. In this excerpt I named the sword Destiny, but I'm going to change that to something less lame/cliche eventually. :P

According to Gyatearian faith, the Four Sisters - Dryea, Maynor, Krysum, and Alrea - created Gyateara in turn. The eldest sister Dryea, Goddess of Power, used her burning touch to rouse the land into creation. Her sister Maynor, Goddess of Wisdom, cooled the molten lava by pouring water into the world. The third sister Krysum, Goddess of Courage, made he newly formed continents green by producing plants.

The world was fresh, new, bountiful, and breathtaking. But there was no one to appreciate it. That was when the youngest sister Alrea, Goddess of Love, molded creatures out of the land. Using what her sisters created, she gifted her creations with each of her sisters' blessings. Finally, she breathed upon them all with her warm, gentle breeze and Gyateara was populated.

Once their work was done, the Four Sisters gifted their creations with one last token to guide them. The Sisters forged Destiny and left it in a case; locked and waiting for its true owner. Each sister then gifted a jewel - a key - to their favorite creature, hoping one day that Destiny will belong to the one they all favor equally.

With their final gift bestowed, the Sisters departed from Gyateara in order to look upon the world from afar. The Sisters left in a loud thunderclap and blinding explosion. It is said that those who can find the precise spot the Sisters left Gyateara - and possessed one of their jewels - will be able to follow them to a new world.
Does this story seem interesting at all to you guys? Should I bother working on it some more? I know that once I'm done with it I'll just redraft the whole thing and keep redrafting until the story drifts away from the fanfiction and becomes original. In the meantime though, what do you guys think? If you want I can "leak" more information about this story in future posts. Just let me know below - or via Twitter or Facebook.

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