Sunday, July 8, 2012

Writing Spirit Renewed

Behold the power of the Daily Challenge!

I go from two weeks in a row where I am not inspired in the least and haven’t written a single word to a week where I am spending most of my free time writing!

Last month the Hey Arnold Creative Ideas group on facebook presented a 15-day challenge. Every day a new art theme was presented and everyone participating had 24hours to draw something Hey Arnold related using that day’s theme.

Now, I have difficulties drawing stick figures, so I clearly wasn’t going to participate in the drawing daily challenge, but I really wanted to.

Then comes an announcement that there will be a writing daily challenge for the month of July. Now THAT I could participate in! No whining about Writer’s Block! Who knows when I’d have an opportunity like this again? I was going to participate!

Not only do I post "on time" on my DeviantArt account, but I also then post in an anthology that I created specifically for this challenge. Every day I update with a new "chapter" - each chapter is the previous day's writing prompt. So feel free to follow along! ^_^

So far - aside from a hiccup on the sixth where I just couldn't think of anything - it’s going much better than Script Frenzy, and I think that’s because of four reasons:
  1. There is something new to write about each day. I don’t have to sit and think of a long story – as naturally as that comes to me. Instead I can just sit for an hour, write a little blurb, and be done with the challenge for the day. Granted, it's been more like "Write for 20minutes at a time throughout the day and write 3000 words" but you get my point... Plus, the new daily topics keep me from getting bored with what I’m writing.
  2. I actually know of others participating and I get to read what they wrote every day. It’s great to see what others come up with, see their stylings, and it’s a fun way to relax: just sit and read short fanfiction. The stories that are coming out of this challenge are so awesome! It makes me super excited to see what other people are going to post next.
  3. Because this large community is all participating and posting daily, that puts pressure on me to continue participating and posting daily. Granted, no one is going to be “You suck! You quitter!” – it actually goes more along the lines of “Awww, it’s too bad you didn’t continue…” but still. However, reading everyone’s positive feedback and writing “I can’t wait to see what you come up with next” is such an addicting feeling. I need more of this in my life when it comes to writing – and especially when it comes to exercising!
  4. Finally, I find it easier to continue with this because my oh so darling DarkAngel1326 is the one who is in charge of the challenge. She randomly selects writing prompts from a LiveJournal post and then sends the prompts our way. She then gets gloriously and ironically stuck on what to write and is usually one of the last people to post something – so it’s fun to encourage her on the day to day. Which means that if I’m poking at her to write I can’t be a hypocrite and I need to write alongside her – which brings us back to point number 3.
So I have been on a bit of a writing frenzy and it's all thanks to DA1326! Another thing that's thanks to her is my new catchphrase: Tsunami of Awesomeness!

On the third she was going on and on about how great my stuff was and how hers blew in comparison. Obviously I didn't agree with her, but that's our way. ^_^ So in our "argument" we had this little banter:

DarkAngel: "I think [I have an idea that's] kinda original, but, at the rate you're going, you'll blow me out of the water."
Me: "I'm sure I won't blow you out of the water..."
DarkAngel: "You're right. You won't blow me out of the water. You'll create a tsunami of awesomeness and drown me out with your amazing prose."

XD DA, you're just too cute and I'll glomp you if I ever meet you in person! <3

I've also met a new buddy thanks to the challenge. Seems our little writing community has a "Pay It Forward" policy... I beta for DA, she then offered to beta for Angelblood666 - I'll get back to him in a second - and HE offered to beta for someone in the Creative Ideas group I mentioned above. I'm sure in a month or two she'll offer to beta for someone else, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, back to AB666. He and DA have been chatting a lot, and she offered to beta for him. Apparently, throughout their numerous daily talks my name comes up time and again - and with strong encouragement to read my works! *blush* So AB finally reads what I have and gives me these rave reviews each time!

I then see that DA posted my Daily Challenge "entry" in the Creative Ideas group for everyone there to see. This I should be doing myself, but it feels weird for me to promote myself like that. Even when people leave the "What fanfiction should I read" question I NEVER mention my own works - I'd prefer others saying "You should check this out!" Anyway, so she posted my story and here comes AB with yet another shining review!

We then started talking via the facebook group and the next thing you know, we're in each other's heads. For the July 7th prompt he almost wrote a story that would have closely resembled mine, and I nearly wrote one that would have matched his!

He really is a sweetheart and a great writer. He's new to the game and needs lots of encouragement, so go check out his stuff and let him know what you think. Here, I'll even link you to his page again.

So there is lots of "win" going on with this challenge.
  • I'm writing again, and consistently.
  • I'm excited about writing again!
  • I may not be updating "What Is Truly Meant To Be", but I AM updating daily for my readers.
  • I'm slowly learning how to write Drabbles.
  • I'm getting daily Writer's High from all the kind reviews of my stuff.
  • More people are discovering my writing thanks to DarkAngel posting it in the Facebook group.
  • I'm challenging myself even more than the challenge itself because I'm purposely trying to think outside the box - that way I can avoid writing something similar to what everyone else will write. It's fun to add to the challenge, as well as fun to write for characters I never would have thought of if I just went with my original instincts of Helga and Arnold. I AM writing a lot of stories using the Johannson family though....
  • I'm making new friends!
Speaking of which... I'm also becoming stronger friends with CartoonLover16. I'm not sure if it was because of my post a few weeks back, but he's become very vocal lately and I love it! He comments all the time here and on my stuff on DeviantArt. He also has three more drawings featuring my avatar.
I again seem a touch scary here... hehe
HAHA! Yes! And I AM surrounded by freaks on a nearly daily basis! XD
But I think this one is my favorite:
HAHA, I love my expression! That's so me! XD
Personally I think he's getting better, don't you?

The only thing left to talk about is the X-Men RPG Hubby started up a few weeks back. Every now and again we get a small group of us on at the same time and we have some great fun, but for the most part it's been kind of dead this week. People have work, or don't know if they can handle the RP on a forum, and I have the writing challenge. 

Still, the "crazy antics" that we DO put our characters through makes me want to turn it all in to a comic series. I just need someone who is capable and willing to draw out the scenes as I convert them in to a script. ^_^ Any takers? HAHA!

Well, until next week!


  1. I'm glad that we are starting to become good friends. When I first announced that I was doing a HA! fanfic back in Feburary, your comment on Deviantart surprised me...and scared me. I was relatively new to the fandom at the time, and just looking at your comment made me feel like I was going to FAIL at writing my story. I had no idea what I was doing! Then you offered your assistance, and at first it seemed cool. Then I looked at your blog, at to me, it seemed like you were annoyed that you had my story to add to your other things you had to do. I felt like I was a burden to you, so that's why I haven't talked to you that much.

    So yeah, I think it was that post on your blog a while back that sorta broke the ice. It's cool to know that I'm not being an annoyance and that you're actually interested in seeing how my story plays out. You're like a motherly figure to those you beta for - you like to help and encourage us to improve ourselves with our writing skills.

    Did I really just type that? Sorry about that, my nice side sometimes overtakes me at times. Anyways, glad to see you're writing again. Take care!

  2. Awww... *glomps* Yeah, I'm always nervous when I write about my beta duties here. I always feel like I come across as complaining. I'm really not, I'm just trying to explain to my readers why I haven't worked on my own stuff. I had the same issue with Delaroux when I was beta-ing for her.

    But let me stress once again, if it is a burden I wouldn't be doing it. I WANT to do it and I ENJOY doing it! So buck up! ^_^

    Also... there's a reason my husband's best friend calls me Mama Bear! XD I really do go all maternal and such. I'm glad I'm helping though. Yay nurturing!

    Take care yourself, and thank you again for commenting on nearly everything I write! It's just as much encouragement - so we've come full circle! XD