Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tis my 28th birthday today! Whoo! ^_^

So sorry I didn't update yesterday. Mommy and Sis were visiting over the weekend for my b'day and prior to that I was cleaning the house so I haven't really been on the internet since Thursday. Plus I wanted to purposely wait until today for one key thing:

Chibi drew me as a HA! character with my favorite characters throwing me a party! Whoot!
I look so goofy! XD Like a Dr. Seuss character or something! HAHA!
I feel so special! I love my cards! I see other people get cards on DeviantArt for their birthdays, but this is the first year I got any cards and they are awesome! <3

I knew Chibi was drawing something for me - she asked a bunch of questions to best figure out how to draw me, but I didn't know CL16 was going to draw something for me. So I was excitedly waiting for Chibi's picture, and then pleasantly surprised by CL16's. ^_^ YAY!

Then I go on to Facebook and get a message from DarkAngel1326 letting me know that I had four gifts coming my way! The first gift was a little scene that she wrote me based on something we were joking about when talking about ideas for her one story Keep Love In Your Heart. I had told her that my deceased dad would "visit" by messing with electronics in the house, so we joked about Arnold thinking his loved one was "visiting" and would therefore profess his love to the electronic. Sooooo, my first gift was a scene about Arnold professing his love to a toaster while hugging it to his chest... only to be caught by his parents! It was kinda fluffy and super funny! I'm so proud of my lovely DA! <3

My second gift from DA1326 was the first volume of the Familiar of Zero novel. I don't have the time to read it yet, but it looks awesome and she hopes it will help with my crossover that I started during the writing challenge. ^_^

She wanted to "perfect" the next two gifts before sending them to me. So she started off with the following hint...
Me thinks Arnold is figuring something out!
A few hours later I finally got gift number 3:
EEEEE! XD <3 My favorite scene in the series!!!!
Still waiting on gift number 4... But I'm about to explode with excitement! ^_^

Mommy also got me a whole bunch of Muppets stuff and made me an ice cream cake so I got a whole bunch of good stuff! YAY!

As for the writing.... well... not such good stuff.

As I said, I wasn't able to write anything over the weekend because my family was visiting. Prior to that I was on a cleaning frenzy. Due to the daily writing challenge I was working on, I was completely avoiding all household chores... soooooooo.... yeah, my house was a sty.

Also, I had something pretty kick butt thought up for Day 16's "When Worlds Collide" - only for my computer to derp up and completely lose the file; even though I was frequently saving. Q_Q So I sort of rage-quit the challenge....

Anyway, I debated picking back up the challenge tomorrow and just punch out days 24 through 31 daily. However, the drabbles will be posted on my fanfiction story in order, so if any of the story ideas end up being related I'd rather just do them in order. So I'm probably going to continue on hiatus until August and just restart up at that point... OOOOR, I will start back up tomorrow, but back on day 15. *shrug* Still not sure yet.

Well, my 27th year was a good one for writing, so let's see together if Age 28 will be even better! ^_^ YAY!


  1. Glad to see you like your gift! I've been making birtday cards for my other Deviantart friends this past year, so I figured why not make one for you? I also like ChibiSunnie's pic a lot. :)

    While making your card, I was inspired by the album cover of Julie Brown's TRAPPED IN THE BODY OF A WHITE GIRL and one of my favorite films EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY. Very 80's, but I friggin' love it. :D

    To be honest, darkangel1326 and I have been talking about our gifts for you through Deviantart and She was the first to see my pic of you. I have yet to see her gifts, but I'm sure they're great. :D

    Happy birthday!

  2. She actually JUST told me that you two were talking. She came up with some really awesome stuff. She's so cool! XD

    And thank you yet again for everything. I feel so loved! <3