Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Creativity Well is Drying Up

It’s been really hot lately, and aside from a few drizzles, we haven’t had any rain since Independence Day. The best part of that is I don’t even know if my town got the rain. Hubby and I were visiting a friend for the holiday and he lives about forty-five minutes away. And even so, the rain only seemed to last the ten minutes it kept me to walk back to his house after picking up drinks from the gas station. Hubby felt horrible about sending me out for the drinks, but I actually quite enjoyed the refreshment of the rain… plus my clothes weren’t soaked, so I was still able to comfortably sit around our friend’s house.

Anyway, my point is that my yard isn’t the only thing drying up. I’ve had a few different times where I had to skip over the daily prompt because I just couldn’t think of anything. The first day I had to do this was for last week’s prompt of “Serenades in the Moonlight.” I had written a couple of scenes in “What Is Truly Meant To Be” where Helga is serenaded in the moonlight, and so I couldn’t think of anything new. In the end I ended up posting the opening of my fifth chapter. So that’s the first prompt I have to go back and do eventually.

The second prompt was from this week: “Shooting Star”. Again, I wrote a scene in WITMTB where Helga is watching a meteor shower, and then there is the story I wrote for Valentine’s day 2011. “I Caught You a Star” is only two chapters long, and both consist of Arnold and Helga watching a meteor shower. I didn’t want to go literal with the shooting star thing after three scenes where I did just that. I had a few other ideas on mind, using shooting star as a metaphor; I just couldn’t get them to work. After talking to DarkAngel1326 I helped her figure out her prompt, and she helped me think of an idea. I’ll once again be doing a literal “watching a shooting star,” but it will be with a new character and a lot more emotional I think. I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write it before the deadline.

I also have the prompt “Of Blood and Honor” where I started writing a continuation of my “Spellbound” prompt, but I started the action way too ahead of the scene I wanted. In the 24hr-writing timeframe allotted by the challenge, I didn’t have enough time to actually get to the scene where “Of Blood and Honor” would be evident. I ended up posting what I did have, but the scene has nothing to do with the prompt that birthed it. Soooo that’s another one I need to go back and work on. I already started, but Arnold’s voice seems horribly off. I’m probably going to reboot my reboot.

Besides all of the missed prompts, I don’t really think that the stories I wrote this week were as good as the ones I did last week. So I’m a little “eh” about everything. Then there is the X-Men RP that Hubby set up. I haven’t really done anything on there since I started the daily challenge, but then again no one else has really been on either. This is the downside of his friends. They get really excited about a game, get really in to it for a couple sessions, and then they fizzle out. The ones that were super excited and still super involved in the game also couldn’t play. One has been crazy with work, and the other just moved.

Regardless, I haven’t really been inspired to do anything with either of my characters – that is, except for designing them more. I spent about four hours in Photoshop messing around with creating the dolls. I’ve also worked more on designing the floorplan of the Xavier Institute based on how Hubby shifted things around for our game.

But let’s get back to writing. I mean, that IS what this blog is about and what you guys care about.

Well, recently my mom again teased me on Facebook about needing to get started with using my talent. I told her that I was: the daily challenge. She made some other comment about how good of a writer I am, blah, blah, blah. Then I teased that she couldn’t possibly know that since she hasn’t actually read anything I’ve written since middle school. She complained that it was because in high school I wrote all these dark, gruesome horror stories. To which I stated that I’ve been all happy and fluffy since I met my husband, and so I haven’t written a dark story in about a decade. I then sent my mom the link to my FanFiction profile. She claimed she was going to read my stuff, but she hasn’t said anything yet. Who knows if she’s read anything. *shrug*

However, if YOU, dear reader, want to read the stories I've written for the July Daily Challenge, you can find them all here. The only exception is of course Day 12 since I wasn't going to post an entire 2-chapter story... You can find that here.

And if you prefer to read my works on DeviantArt, you can find them all here.

Now to keep myself busy with today's challenge and cleaning my house to get ready for my mom and sister visiting this upcoming weekend!


  1. I hear ya. For the last few days, it's been nothing but hot weather where I live. And it only rained for 3 minutes last night! But as I type this, it's been raining good for a while, so I guess that's fine.

    Not much to really say here. Things are going OK with my story. Recently, I've been getting lots of good ideas of what I can write, which is great for me, because I've been quite stumped of what I can put in Chapter 3. I got the ideas in my head, I just need to write them.

    Take care!

  2. YAY! Writing! I'm honestly not sure when I'll have time to beta until I'm done with this challenge, but feel free to send it along whenever you're done. ^_^