Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why Am I Bothering?

Well, as predicted, not terribly too much happened by way of writing. I'm gonna try to get better at that this month.

The car drama came full circle:

  • Car problem was an easy fix
  • Car problem is gonna take $200 to fix
  • Car can't be fixed for another week
  • Car gets fixed with a simple hose replacement for free
  • Car runs fine until I'm at Mom's
  • Car's "Check Engine Light" comes back on....
Well, it at least survived the four-hour drive back home and it's not stalling every time it goes idle, so it will have to do for a little bit. Hubby did win some money when we all went to the casino by my mom, so we at least have the money to fix the car - hopefully. ^_^

I then got super cranky because Writer's Block hit so hard that I couldn't even finish roleplaying one night... I literally just put the computer away, turned to Hubby, and said "I can't think of anything".

Since then, I'm still a little iffy when it comes to creativity, but I'm at least doing SOME roleplaying, which means SOME creative writing. It's a start, right? I also finally decided on enough stuff about my secondary character that I could start roleplaying with her, and as of right now she's sort of my primary - since I can have some fun with her.

I also spent the week working more on the visual aspects of the game to help everyone better understand where everything is.

And unfortunately, that is all I have for this week... Here's hoping I have more to talk about next week, these short blogs are getting kinda lame. :P

Fun little side note: I surpassed 2000 hits this week. That's kinda cool considering that means 1000 hits in like 3 months. ^_^


  1. I hate creative blocks, drawing and writing-wise. At the moment, I've gotten plenty to draw, so that's good. But it seems as though as if I have nothing in my mind for writing my story. I have the ideas down, I know what will happen in each chapter, so why can't I be so devoted to my story like I am with drawing and write down what's in my head?

    Anyways, I've been talking with your buddy darkangel1326 recently, and I must say she's quite nice. Ever since I commented on her HEY ARNOLD story you sent me, we have had the occasional chat from time to time, and we speak very highly of you. She's been curious to see what my writing style is like, so I sent her a sample of Chapter 1. She really loved it, and says she can't wait to see the rest. So now, you and her are the only ones to have seen my story. :)

  2. Aww, I'm so glad you guys talk, she really is a sweety! I'm also so happy that she enjoys your story as well. Yay for us having sneak peeks.

    I guess I should be grateful that I'm at least a touch creative with the x-men roleplay, just like you should be grateful for your inspiration with drawings. We'll get back to our stories. We'll be inspired.

    I'm attempting darkangel1326's daily writing prompt challenge to try to restart my writing, we'll see how it works. ^_^