Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Fluff that Dreams are Made of

Yesterday I had to work about four hours alone again - the joys of opening! YAY! And so I was able to ponder more fanfiction writing.

I wanted to take my day off tomorrow to write - so as to not keep my readers waiting forever this time. However, I don't really want to post my next chapter yet. Valentine's Day is coming up, and three things occurred to me. One, I'd be lucky if I could write the next chapter in time to post by Valentine's Day. Two, even if I could finish the chapter by V'day I'm not too sure I'd want to post it. It's kind of an anti-valentine's day chapter, and I wanted to post something fluffy. If I had completed the last chapter the way I originally wanted to - instead of breaking off the ending and making this new "break up" chapter - then the next chapter WOULD be Valentines-y. I don't think I could get two chapters done in time, especially when I'm visiting my fiance for V'day. Anyway, this led me to my final thought. Perhaps I'll put my story on hold for right now and write some Valentine's Day fluff one-shot!

Now the question becomes, what do I write? I had a few ideas bouncing around in my head yesterday. First was to do fluff on a couple I don't see too often -in fact, the character's aren't even listed on the FanFiction.Net Hey, Arnold! character drop down menu. I wanted to write a story about Grandpa "Steely" Phil and Grandma "Pookie" Gertie a la "The Notebook". Although I do want to write this eventually, this wouldn't be a one-shot, so I slotted it away.

Next I was thinking of something else I don't see too often - Helga and Arnold's wedding day. This idea seems promising, and yet it also feels like it would be a cute fluffy chaptered fic. Perhaps I'll just write the ceremony as a one-shot fluff piece for V'day and add chapters around it later. A possibility.

I then back tracked a little to think of maybe a fluffy story about how Arnold proposed - or maybe the dominating Helga was the one to propose! This is another possibility, and this one would actually be a one-shot!

Back tracking even MORE I thought of writing about Helga and Arnold's first date. It would be awkward and adorable and filled with all those "firsts". Perhaps they could even have an uninterrupted kiss! But then again, they would only be ten and so how much heart-fluttering could I give my readers?

What if I did an AR fic in which I rewrote either the infamous April Fools Day Tango or the Valentine's Day Dueling Dates scenes as if they happened when Arnold and Helga were teenagers instead of nine. How would everything go differently? Would everything go differently? The great thing about the show is the fact that these kids did things that teenagers would normally do, but it still seemed natural that nine-year-olds were doing them.

So anyway, these are my Valentine's Day fluffy story ideas. Perhaps you have an opinion on which one you'd like to read? If so, tell me in the comments! Take care!

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