Saturday, February 5, 2011

And the Story Goes "Fluff, Fluff, Fluff"

Well, I started my fluffy Valentine's Day story. I'm not going to tell you what I ended up going with, but I will say that I'm holding off on the Phil and Gertie story and the Wedding story until I have the time to do another chaptered story.

I've had some fun working on this fluff piece. I'm still finishing it up - I had to do some researching while writing yesterday, but I wasn't going to post it prior to Valentine's Day weekend anyway. I really enjoy going all goofy and sweet! It' s such a lovely change of pace from the downer story I'm currently working on.

My only fear is that I'm making it too fluffy. It might be so sweet people will get toothaches from it. Also, it's not very realistic for things to go so wonderfully. My story is so fluffy it's like the love-child of Marshmallow and Cotton Candy made love to the spawn of Cotton Balls and a big fluffy bunny. My story is the resulting grandchild of such massive fluff.

I have already taken care of this problem; fear not. During my hours alone at work AGAIN today I devised my solution. My original one-shot will become a two-chaptered story. Definitely posted by V'day will be my Super Fluff chapter. The more-realistic version of the story will then shortly after be posted as the second and final chapter of the tale. Whether or not I post the realistic version by V'day will depend on my writing availability in the next week. Perhaps, depending on how exciting the Super Bowl turns out to be tomorrow, I'll write in between the commercials. ^_^

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