Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be My Valentine

So my super-fluffy Valentine's Day themed one-shot is posted! Actually, it was posted yesterday, so yay for posting ON Valentine's Day! I just wish i was able to post it earlier in the day than noon. Oh well.

I was nervous that I wasn't going to post it on time. It's difficult to get on to the internet at my fiance's house. I ended up uploading the story on Saturday before I left to visit him. This way if I could get on the internet I wouldn't need it for a long time in order to upload and edit the story. This is a great thing about FanFiction.net, I can upload the story without posting it to the public.

I'm so excited that fifty-seven people read my story - and apparently greatly enjoyed it - on Valentine's Day. Best part is that it had sixty-three hits, which means the story was re-read six times. I even had two great reviews and one story fave yesterday. Coupling that with being with my sweetheart all day and Valentine's Day was great!

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