Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Setting Up Another Writing Challenge!

I had intended to write this update on Monday to make up for not having ANY time to really do anything last week. Alas, Hubby and I were so zoned out from our weekend that we stayed in bed until like 10am, and then vegged around the house watching shows and messing around with the WWE video game some more. We finished up the day desperately attempting to FINALLY conclude the prom and after party scenes in X-Future.

Yesterday I was just lazy..... Hubby and I were both home from work as of 1pm and yet we still have no clue where our day went....

Anyway, as I stated in Sunday's post, I had no time to really do anything this past week.

Over on X-Future we started up a Prom thread on June 14th to celebrate the game being a year old. It was supposed to be a live-session like the other dances that the institute had hosted. We're all supposed to be online between such and such hours and it's just a fun interaction. No major drama was supposed to go down.

Well, then everyone ended up being busy or whatever on the 14th, and again on the 15th, and the next thing you know the "live session" turned in to a normal thread: people post and update whenever they have time. The downside is that nothing was really happening.

We left the prom thread open for about a week and figured everyone did whatever it was they wanted to do at Prom by the end of the week. If not, too bad, the scene was active for long enough.

Then it was the After Party. Again, we didn't anticipate too much drama here either. We were gonna do another week-long to make sure everyone did what they wanted to before closing the thread.

Then Hubby got inspired. Next thing I know, the Brotherhood is invading the after party and the battle lasted like two weeks of slow off-and-on role playing. We FINALLY concluded the battle on Monday. Now, on to the aftermath!

Also... we almost got our "Crystal needs to die to really propel this story" during the fight scenes!

But you guys might FINALLY find out what I mean. It may not be in the way I originally intended, but still....

Ali Luke started up her own six-week-long summer challenge over at Writer’s Huddle. The concept is simple.
  1. Do the 10min exercises that Ali comes up with every week. Participate in at least five out of the six exercises and she'll put you in to a drawing for an Amazon gift card! Nice!
  2. Set up a weekly goal that you can repeat every week throughout the challenge. For instance, we have one gentleman who is writing two blog posts every week. Another member is writing 1000 words every week.
And that's it! Easy enough, so I decided to try to participate as well. The trick was figuring out what I could repeat for 6 weeks. I thought about using it as an excuse to get back to What Is Truly Meant To Be. I decided against it for two reasons: I'm not inspired really, and I doubt I could routinely work on chapters for it week after week.

Sorry to my loyal fans. I SWEAR I will get back to the story. I refuse to abandon the tale with so many people wanting to know how it ends. I'm just not feeling it right now.

So then I remembered the laundry list of things I wanted to work on for converting X-Future over to prose. I landed on writing those recap posts to help out those who are just starting as well as those who are returning after long hiatuses. I sectioned off the main events of the game in to about 12 different recaps. I'll then spend my weeks reading the forum again and writing at least two recap posts each week. I'll even thread them together as a mini-anthology so that you, my non-member readers, can follow along with our tale.

In theory, I guess I could post them on FanFiction as X-Men: Evolution fanfics since our universe is a continuation of that one. However, since most of the stuff is just generic "X-Men Universe" stuff - Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood, the canon characters as faculty members, etc - and the rest is entirely original I'm debating if I'd be better off just doing X-Men as the fanfic category. I probably will.

Anyway, for some strange reason Hubby wasn't scheduled for his normal overnight shift this Saturday-in-to-Sunday. So we're having a HUGE get together on Saturday. We'll see if I get to writing a blog post on time... Perhaps I should add that to my weekly goals...

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