Sunday, July 14, 2013


Pardon this update. I'm currently at a brunch to celebrate my niece's baptism!

Crazy work week. Got called in for extra hours since we have people dropping like flies and shifts needed to be covered....

Now add in that this weekend consisted of....
Friday: Longer hours due to the shift covering, followed by Ronoxym visiting until like 1am while we attempted to work on advancing the X-Future plot a touch more.
Saturday: Loooooong day at work after only about 4hrs of sleep. A wee bit of a nap before dropping Hubby off at work at midnight.
Sunday: A little over two hours updating in X-Future. This quick little blip of a blog update. Crashing for another couple of hours. Getting up to shower/shave/groom/etc before picking Hubby up at 6am. Get him home in time for HIM to shower and us to munch on SOMETHING before the in-laws swing by at about 7am. We then drive to the church, pray we don't pass out, and then drive up to the sis-in-law's for a celebratory brunch/party/thing. Oh, and BTW... didn't have time to work on the blanket all that much, so there goes THAT idea of a gift... although, to be fair, it'd be extra cheep since it's a delayed baby shower gift already.

Anyway, my Sunday concludes with dropping Hubby off at home and have enough time to change in to my work uniform before running off for a glorious 6hr shift - which will HOPEFULLY just be six hours. The girl I'm closing with fell down the stairs earlier this week so it's hit or miss if she can even move enough to work, and then when she CAN work she's hobbling everywhere. I'm going to be exhausted and I fear for my shift to take closer to 8hrs to complete every task needed.

After barely any sleep the past 48hrs...

It's gonna be a looooooooooong day.

Also, because of this person injuring themselves, that person injuring themselves, this person quitting, that person getting fired, and our manager on vacation.... Our schedule for this upcoming week is definitely not the same one that was posted on Friday, although I haven't had a chance to see how much my schedule got shifted around.

In THEORY I have Monday off, which would be FANTASTIC after this weekend. Although I will probably just sleep through all of it instead of doing productive things like cleaning, or writing, or working on that blasted blanket....

If I DO have Monday off still - and if I'm not sleeping through all of it - I will attempt a more adequate blog update for this week. No promises though.

Although, I do admit I have a few things I'd like to discuss.

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