Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Official Week of the Challenge

Yup, late again. I have a semi-good reason though. This past weekend Hubby wasn't scheduled for his normal overnight shift. In fact, he had Sunday completely off! Since we don't normally have a weekend free like this we decided to live it up! Besides, it ended up as a psuedo-birthday party for me! YAY!

I had my tiny apartment filled with pretty much the entire X-Future gang!
Ronoxym, Omnibladestrike, celestialTyrant, The Bard, along with Joyce's player NovaNight.

We also had three special guests:
Hot Hands who plays Liam and Tyler, his wife Chimera who plays Sasha, and their baby daughter Duchess.

Now, this is a HUGE thing for me. Today I turned 29 and I have NEVER been able to transition work friends in to out-of-work friends before. NEVER. I've had a ton of super close friends at work, but we never broke that awkward border of hanging outside of work.

Normally I can't stand these "Keep Calm and Carry On" memes,
but I really am 29 today so I caved!

Anyway, Hubby and I met Hot Hands at work and we started talking about the X-Men role play. He and his wife joined and we became closer friends at work with the forum as a way to hang out "after work". Soon we were chatting literally outside our work and at one point decided to take the conversation to a Chinese restaurant a few doors down. This Saturday was the first scheduled "hang out" though, which is awesome!

Problem being that there is NO WAY our apartment is baby-proof. I spent all of Friday just sprinting around my house cleaning and organizing to try to make it safe for Duchess as best as I could. I somehow forgot about the cutlery in the kitchen...

I didn't think she'd get to that.

Duchess is MAD advanced, man! Like... she's not even one yet and she's walking with no problem! I spent the entire time chasing after her so Chimera didn't have to worry, and could get a day break. I love Duchess though, and she seems to love me back, so it works out. I just didn't anticipate her picking up the bottles of Sunny D that are like half her weight, and then trying to hide some of my notebooks in with my knives!

And Chimera is pregnant! Two little girls this smart running around her house!? I do NOT envy her!


Especially since Duchess didn't take a nap the entire time they were visiting - which was from about noon to nine at night - and yet she STILL woke up at about five the next morning!

Anyway, enough side-tracking.
Why is it that I'm two days late with my post?

Well, as mentioned, I had a full house on Saturday, and most of the people stayed for a WHILE. Hubby and I didn't fall asleep until 3am! That, plus work, plus cleaning my house all Friday meant no writing before Sunday. Then Sunday came and went without me posting since CT spent the night and he more-or-less had control of my computer all day.

So blame him.

I was then going to post yesterday - in fact, this whole post was WRITTEN yesterday - but I got snagged again. I like to keep people's anonymity in regards to my blog. That's why everyone I talk about - aside from Ali Luke who purposely promotes herself online, as well as other professionals who do the same - are mentioned through online personas alone:
This is why for the longest time Ronoxym was listed as "Devon's Player" until he let me know what his online persona was. Problem being that neither Liam/Tyler's player nor Sasha's player HAVE online personas. It kept me a day to figure out what to call them and their daughter when I reference them here. And you guys should all know by now how awesome I am at naming things...

It works though. Because now I can show off the birthday presents that DA and Chibi made for me!

First up is Chibi's card to me. She wanted to write me something, but since I told her that I've been slacking on my online reading since it's sorta hard for me to do so with my desktop she decided to go for the card instead. Regardless, I love it! So friggen cool!

Me in the world of Legend of Zelda. Thanks, Chibi!
I love the Steampunk Hyrulian me!
Next up is the picture that DA drew of me. She used the cartooned versions of me that I post on my main Facebook page as reference, and I love it!

I look so cool Anime-d up like that! Love it, DA!
Apparently DA is also working on something in conjunction with AngelBlood666. I'm excited to see what that is!

On top of everything else, DA, Chibi, and Chopfe have each written such sweet things about their fond memories of being friends with me! All three of them made me cry today! Not cool, guys!

Another benefit about being a few days late is that I can also talk about the first week of Ali's Summer Challenge over at Writer’s Huddle. As I mentioned last week, there are two parts to the challenge. Part one is to reach your weekly goal. For me it is to write two recap posts for the events that happened over in X-Future. This way people have an easier way to keeping track of everything plot wise. Part two is to participate in the simple challenge that Ali comes up with.

This week's extra challenge? To incorporate the word "baby" in our writing this week. It was inspired by all the buzz going on about the British royal pregnancy.

I guess I sort of succeeded since I mentioned that Duchess was a "baby girl" and that I wasn't able to "baby-proof" my apartment at the beginning of this post. How convenient, right? I'm gonna also see if anything for the recaps needs the word baby as well.

How about you guys? I know that DA has been feeling guilty about not doing much writing lately, even though she's been out of school. So she's unofficially joining in with the challenge. She's attempting a mind-boggling 8000 words per week - in comparison, Ali is attempting 3000 words a week for her sequel to Lycopolis. Although, 8000 words is still less than the rough 1666 words per day of NaNo.

I wish DA luck in her journey and I'm curious as to how she's fitting "Baby" in to her work this week. As I am with you guys as well. Any other writers in the crowd? Did you guys want to unofficially join as well? If you do and end up successfully completing the challenges feel free to drop a link in the comments so we can check them out too!

Now, I'm off to re-read the forum so I can get started on my recaps for this week.

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