Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ten Years With My Hubby!? But No Writing to be had.

I honestly have no clue what to write here this week.

Aside from maybe this:


Ten years ago, at 12:19am on May 3rd, my husband asked me out via AOL Instant Messenger. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling lonely. Hubby had a crush on me for a while now - although I thought he was still crushing on some other girl at the time - and when I told him I was ready to move on from my break up he asked me out. It threw me for a loop since A) I didn't know he liked me like that, B) I never really thought of him like that, C) We were best friends, and D) He had just gone home for summer break and so we wouldn't be able to see each other again until the fall semester. After staring dumbfounded at the screen for about three minutes I finally responded back with something wonderfully poetic and romantic like "Sure, why not?". We "dated" by calling each other every day - which is how we continued our long-distance relationship over an 8-yr courtship after he stopped going to Lycoming. He came to visit me in July for my birthday. We shared our first kiss and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" on our first date. We didn't see each other again until school started back up the last week of August.

It was an odd courtship. A hard courtship filled with lots of sacrifices. I have to say though, I think the smartest thing I've ever done in my life was type back "Yes" when Hubby asked me out. A day shy of 101 months of dating we got married; so our "official anniversary" is in October, but May 3rd will always be our "anniversary" as well.

AAAAAAAAAAAnyway. Enough of that mushy stuff.
You care about writing! Right?
Well, sucks to be you then, because I didn't really do any....

My week has been overrun by more crocheting and lots of work. Lots of work also means lots of work drama. Bucket-loads. I won't bore anyone with the details, but it's been insanity this week.

When I wasn't at work, I was massively Spring Cleaning. Anyone who invaded my house before we went to go see Iron Man 3 last night would beg to differ as they wove around a maze of covered snack tables, laundry baskets, and boxes I'm still unpacking. However, it's true. I spent a great deal of time cleaning this week.

So the extent of my writing was once again focused solely on the X-Men RPG. Trish, AKA Lighter, finally got to come out and play. It's a little slow going since Devon's player only really has internet access when he visits us. Sure, he's starting to pick up the weekly-visits routine he and Cyhyr had before he proposed to her; resulting in them not visiting as frequently to start saving up for the wedding. However, when the two do visit, there's a lot of socializing and the forum posts take FAR too long to write and publish. The last few times he visited I would put up a post, he would respond, I would respond, and he would have to head home. It's been kind of pathetic.

On the plus side, though, his one other character Nys - a female traveling companion of Devon's - has really had time to grow and develop within his head. I can't wait to see how she's turned out over the past week or so that she hasn't really been active due to the lack-of-internet.

Side note about Nys. Originally, she was going to be a quick, passing character that Devon would run in to and direct towards the Xavier Institute. That was it. Somehow, she weaseled her way in to becoming Devon's cross-country traveling companion as he searched for the Brotherhood. Devon's player was alright with that and decided it could be helpful for Devon to have a friend while on the road and when he finally joined the Brotherhood. The thing he DIDN'T take in to consideration though, was that Devon and Nys are becoming attracted to each other.

It's subtle, but even from Nys' introduction you could tell that there was something there. There was something about how he wrote Devon and Nys interacting that just called out "These two want each other". The problem is that he apparently didn't realize he was writing them like that. In fact, he was purposely trying to avoid that and thought he was doing an alright job at writing them as a platonic traveling duo. So, naturally, when I asked him "So when are these two going to kiss already!?" his response was "Wait. What!?"

He now rages as he notices more and more how romantically involved they're getting with each other against his will. So - naturally - I have to constantly tease him about the DevonxNys shipping; as well as the possibility of Nys getting killed off simply because Trish doesn't like Devon and it's the best way to hurt him. Whoops.

I'd also like to take a moment to apologize for apparently getting Writer-Emo/Fishing-for-Complements again last week when I talked about Cyhyr.

I appreciate the concern and insane amounts of motivation I received in response; especially from ChibiSunnie who seemed to be nearing a panic attack at the thought of me not writing anymore.

I'm sorry for any concern I may have caused. I just get in to these Emo-Fits. Considering Omnibladestrike seems to do the same thing, it may just be a natural "Am I good enough?" reaction us writers fall in to every once in a while, especially when faced with superior writers.

I have another semi-heavy work week this week, plus the crocheting, plus my mom is visiting ME for Mother's Day; which means excessive cleaning on my days off. Also, before anyone jumps the gun, no, I am not "with child". My mom is visiting ME for Mother's Day because she wants to spend it with her daughter and knew I wouldn't be able to take the time off to drive down to her.

Anyway, my point is that it will be yet another crazy-busy week where I will probably only write on the forum, if at all. I also might not get around to posting next week depending on if I have a moment to write up a blog post with Mom visiting and me still having to work at 3:30pm.

So, maybe I'll catch you next week. If not, happy Mother's Day to all of my maternal readers, and I'll try to be productive enough to have something worthwhile to write about for May 19th.

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