Sunday, April 28, 2013

Script Frenzy? More like Crochet Frenzy.

Well, I somehow managed to fail worse than usual at Script Frenzy. This year I didn't even bother attempting to write anything remotely close to a script!

So, so sorry, ChibiSunnie! She put all this time and effort in to gathering up all the materials again. She was excited about getting back to working on our Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie fanscript. I didn't even read any of the notes she sent me - let alone attempt to write anything.

I'M AN AUNT! <3 My sister-in-law had her baby girl on April 5th! Hubby and I didn't have any money to get her or the baby girl anything for the shower, and so I offered to make her a baby blanket using any pattern of her choosing. It kept her a little bit for her and her husband to decide on a pattern. Then I just could not get the pattern to work for the life of me. I don't know, something about how the pattern is written.... So thankfully she had a second pattern marked off and I've been working on that more-or-less non-stop since the kid was born. Nearly a full month of working and I'm STILL not done with the thing!

So that's why I haven't updated here and why I didn't do Script Frenzy after all. My free-time, much like it was in December when I was making everyone's Christmas gifts, has been overtaken by constant crocheting.

Well, that and more role-playing.

Once again it has taken us about three weeks to finally role-play through a full day. This time it was the aftermath of the one character's death, the arrival of his player's new character, Chayse breaking up with Lia and hooking up with Willow, Lia talking to Hubby's one other character Ripley about the break-up, Willow trying to track Lia down to talk to her about the whole situation, Lia and Lincoln interacting some more, Lia interacting with the one NPC Crystal, and finally introducing Crystal to her idol Tyler - another player's character who was formally a lead in a boy band. It was a busy day!

The boards have been a touch halted for the past few days as we all try to figure out what the new day will bring - or if we just want to do like a week time jump or something.

In the meantime, Devon's player FINALLY finished off his solo role play session and has Devon with The Brotherhood of Mutants. So Hubby started up a new section specifically for The Brotherhood. This means my most talkative character can FINALLY be introduced and played! She's excited. I've been listening to angry alternative rock for the past week or so to help get in to her head.

Although I haven't quite figured out what "the next step" is in role playing any of my girls, that doesn't mean I haven't thought about their future. I recently sent DarkAngel1326 a few scene snippets that I keep having flash in my head. Three of them are for the new chick - one of which is a super fun scene between her and Devon's traveling companion Nys - and one semi-long dialogue between Lia and Ripley. Hubby wants to set things up so that Lia ends up with Ripley now that she's single. However, with the interaction Lia's been naturally having with Lincoln, I almost feel like there's something there. The scene I have between Lia and Ripley is one where she tells him that she chose to be with Lincoln instead, and Ripley calling bullshit because he knows she loves him more than Lincoln.

Although I haven't finished working on the prologue for my Willow story, I still want to get around to posting these snippets. Perhaps I'll start up an anthology of "scraps" - short scenes the characters show me that may or may not actually happen in the role play. I already pseudo started up the file for it over on My issue is trying to figure out how much info my readers will need to know in order to understand the snippets - as well as presenting that info in an entertaining way as a bit of a "Prologue" for the anthology. I'll be sure to post the link when I do eventually set that anthology up.

SPEAKING OF PROLOGUES! Omnibladestrike redid his prologue YET AGAIN. He doesn't have it published anywhere online - that I know of - but I will say that he's certainly improving! Best re-write yet. Hopefully now he'll find the motivation to just keep writing instead of stopping and re-writing. He does seem re-energized and excited this time around! If he posts anything online I'll be sure to link that too.

Also, Delaroux posted on her Facebook page her own little heart-wrenching oneshot about an unrequited love between two of her original characters. It was wonderful, but she still wanted me to beta the story. I don't know where she might be with the rewrite. Anyway, since Cyhyr was visiting I had her also look over the story to see if there's anything I missed.


Someone is super hard core when it comes to what she reads! I both would love to have her read my stuff so I know how to best improve, and I'm also terrified to show her my work EVER out of fear of every sentence being shredded apart! I know she's only as harsh as a professional editor would be, and it would be best for my professional writing to have someone so strict critique my work. However, I'm still so unsure if I'm "cut out" for professional writing that I'm kinda scared to have her tell me how crappy my stuff is!

Cyhyr is both my greatest motivator and greatest demoralizer! On the one hand, she's seriously working hard on her first manuscript. She's doing all the things she should: read, read, read, and read some more; writing at least every other day if not daily; writing out her plot so she knows where she's going to avoid Writer's Block; researching a ton; not restarting the story once she realized she was in the wrong POV - she'll instead finish the manuscript and fix the POV problem in the second draft. She's certainly on track to get this manuscript actually completed - quite a task for anyone. So she's certainly motivating me to work right beside her. Seeing her work so diligently and passionately - plus her talking to me about writing - just gets my juices going as I crave to do the same.

All of the above traits also are my biggest source of writing depression. She's younger than me. I watch this younger person working so hard on a manuscript and sticking to it so fully. I know in my heart of hearts that she'll be published before me - if I ever get published at all. Her discipline, motivation, and passion for her story just reminds me that I'm the exact opposite. I don't have an original idea - not really; although there is the Gyateara story. I don't write even close to daily - unless you count the role play. I haven't read a single book since I read Lycopolis back in like October or something. I haven't really taken advantage of The Writer's Huddle; only going on the forum once every few months. I haven't even kept up with this blog. I haven't really shown any true commitment to writing, and if it's what I want to do for the rest of my life I really should have most of my focus on writing. Watching Cyhyr just seems to point out this massive lack of commitment to something I claim is my passion, and that just adds salt to the wound.

We'll just have to see if finishing the blanket and being able to use my free-time to write instead of crochet will help. Perhaps all the anthology of RP scenes will also help me at least write daily. We'll see.

Hopefully, this post will bring me back to my regular updating schedule. Cross your fingers.

OH! One last thing before I go.... in case she's reading....

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