Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Most Grateful Author

Man, has this been one exciting week for me, and it’s all thanks to you guys!


I honestly feel amazingly validated when it comes to my writing. I’m soaring on such a Writer’s High right now!

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Wednesday I posted my insanely-long fiftieth post. We all took a trip down memory lane. It was delightful, no?

Anyway, I wake up Thursday to discover that there was a huge influx of people to my blog – and at least a third of those readers were new!

Now, I’ve posted about my blog updates on Facebook before under my Lyco Rogue account. I recently started tweeting about new blog posts a couple of weeks back. However, I think this may have been the first week I remembered to post about the update while on my main account…. I can’t recall… I have a feeling I’ve posted on my main before too, but it would make sense that all the new readers came from my main account - that is, if this WAS the first week I remembered to post there.

Anyway, point is, for some reason I got something like twice the readership this past week and it feels AMAZING!

I also had three new people post comments on my blog, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

So, now I KNOW people are reading this thing, and that gets me so excited. I mean, this isn’t an informative blog at all. You are all here reading my JOURNAL entries. You’re not learning anything. You’re not bettering yourself. This isn’t for your benefit – simply your enjoyment. The fact that you care like that is just so cool!

Thank you.

Now, I’m going to jump all the way to today. Today, while waiting for Hubby to get off of work, I saw in the grocery store book bin something that made me really smile for two reasons:

I was scanning the books to kill time, I saw the font and thought “That kinda resembles…” Saw the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” across the top and squealed like the fangirl I am.

I had inherited the rest of the series from my dad. I own the Hollywood movie – which is not the best adaptation, but still a good movie – as well as the BBC miniseries – which is an almost verbatim adaptation… Upon hearing of Douglas Adams’ death I coordinated with some fellow Sci-Fi nuts and we walked through high school the next day with black armbands and towels over our shoulders.

Point being, that I originally smiled because there is another book to the series! I also originally thought that it was a posthumous manuscript that was just polished up/completed by the new author listed on the cover.

As I read the dust jacket I discovered that I was wrong. The entire book was written by a new author – with permission and support from Adams’ widow. I was a little disappointed, but then it dawned on me: 


Also, the new author – Eoin Colfer – is the bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series. I haven’t read the series yet, but it gave me confidence that this sixth book will feel like the other five.

Anyway, this “fanfiction turned canon” thought also reminded me of another series I recently discovered: Astonishing X-Men. It was started back in 1995. Volume two written in 1999. But I’m specifically referring to the third volume written in 2004.

I was introduced to this series when Hubby discovered the Motion Comics version on Netflix. How am I so late to the game with these things!?

Well, the thing that really excited me about Astonishing X-men was who wrote at least half of Volume 3:

Joss Whedon.

The brilliance behind Buffy: The Vampire Hunter, Angel, FireFly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse, and the recent blockbuster and record breaker The Avengers. 

This guy is like THE sci-fi nerd, and I LOVE the man for it! 

My point being that even though the man has dabbled in comic book writing, he’s mainly a TV guy. He’s not a Marvel Comics staff writer. So, for him to write 24 issues for X-Men is again basically someone writing fanfiction and it being canon! 

If they can do it, why can’t I? 

Granted, there isn’t much call for any official Hey Arnold! works; so THAT probably won’t be my meal ticket, but it IS possible. 

I thought this once before while my mom was gifting me the How I Met Your Mother companion books “written” by Barney Stinson, and the Nikki Heat novels – companion books for the Castle TV show - “written” by Richard Castle. 

Then there’s also the latest “Must Read” going around lately: 

50 Shades of Grey. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I really should do a full post about it – and perhaps I still will – but what I need to say now is that it was originally a fanfiction for Twilight. It’s now a bestselling, highly discussed trilogy. I need to first find the right fandom to join, but… 


OK, so let’s come back around to my writing and the validation of it. 

I already established that people are ACTUALLY READING WHAT I WRITE… which is epic to me! And I just established that writing fanfiction instead of original works actually isn’t a waste of time. If I find the right fandom it can actually become a money maker. 

Question is, am I really good enough? 

A question that creeps up on me all the time.

Yes. I am a good writer.

Yes. People enjoy reading what I wrote.
Yes. It is fun for me to write and get the stories out – even if there isn’t a readership.

Is it good enough to eventually lead to monetary gain? 

Although the jury is still out on that question, I’m starting to think that the answer may very well come back as “Yes.”

Back in February I discovered a Hey Arnold! themed contest on DeviantArt. There were a multitude of categories that I could submit in to, but let’s face it, the only one I could actually do is writing.

I wasn’t sure which story to go with – and there wasn’t a limit – so I just submitted all of my love-themed/fluffy one-shots: 

The story I wrote for Valentine’s Day 2011, both parts 1 and 2: 

I Caught You A Star
Clumsily Perfect 

The story I wrote for PinkLotus27’s birthday this past year: 

I Thought You Liked Redheads 

And the Valentine’s Day story I wrote for ChibiSunnie this year: 

For Whom the Bells Toll 

Well, I’m not sure which story actually won because I have yet to find a listing of the contest category winners. However, I came back from dropping Hubby at work at 1am this morning to discover that I now have a 3-month Premium Membership on DeviantArt as the winning prize for the contest! 

Knowing my luck, I was probably the only one who submitted in to the writing portion – therefore only competing against myself – but still… YAYZ! 

So, thank you to the head of the contest - CreativeWave85 – for awarding me the winner of the writing portion of the competition as well as paying for 3 months Premium membership! 

Now I just need to figure out what to do with said membership…. 

Anyway, long and short is that I actually won a competition with my story! I NEVER win writing competitions! 

While I’m talking about DeviantArt, let’s talk about another form of writer validation: Inspiring People. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I already knew for a while that these were coming. Chibi already informed me that she’s planning on drawing fanart for each chapter of my story. However, it’s still so amazing to see the resulting fanart. 

Fanart based off of something *I* wrote! 

Just think, to see how others see a scene you wrote, and see how closely it resembles the one in your mind. I really can’t imagine how surreal it must be for writers to see their work adapted as graphic novels or movies! 

Anyway, here is the wonderful piece of artwork done by ChibiSunnie based on the second chapter:

These are all such angst-ridden scenes!
Chibi apparently isn’t the only one inspired by my works. 

DarkAngel1326 completely blew my mind this past week! 

Now, she first blew my mind when I commented on getting Lycopolis from good old Ali Luke, and DarkAngel commented about me being her writing mentor

But the brain explosions continued when I squealed about Ali, and then my wonderful mommy stepped in to do what moms do best – encourage and gush over their children. At first I didn't think much of it – just a proud parent – and then DarkAngel joined in:

DarkAngel: I agree!!!! Write! I want a book from my writing mentor!!! even if i have to buy it XD I don't care.

First off: D’aaaw! Mommy! DarkAngel! Yous guyz! *blush*
Second: hehe, OK, Mom. Lay off the caps lock! ^_^
Finally: OMG! “even if I have to buy it”… DA, I heart you, girl!

This is insane! I already have at least two super-devoted readers. It’s not much when compared to bestselling authors like J.K. Rowling or James Patterson or Stephen King, etc., but it’s still more people – and certainly more DEVOTED – than I ever expected!

Thank you so much, ladies!


Also, just yesterday I got a message from FanFiction to let me know that someone added one of my original stories to their favorites! Buried under tons of newer fanfiction, my originals are still being found and shown some love!

So, you, my readers are most CERTAINLY validating my writing.

Now for the kicker! We’re going full circle back to Thursday when I saw new comments on my last blog post.

First was CartoonLover16. So, welcome, Buddy! Don’t worry about me beta-reading for you! Remember, if I didn’t enjoy doing it I wouldn’t – I mean, it’s not like I’m getting paid or anything.

That goes for ALL I Beta for! I might comment here about how time consuming it is and how my own writing gets pushed back because of it. DO NOT CONSIDER THIS TO MEAN YOU’RE A BURDEN! I love reading your stuff! I love helping you! I love Beta-reading.

I’m just trying to explain to others why my own writing might be taking a little bit.

Speaking of which, little side note: with Beta Reading done, I’m back to working on my own stuff while at work. It’s slow go, but I AM progressing. Not sure when the chapter will be up though. I STILL have Operation Ruthless and Wedding Thank Yous to deal with. @_@

Back on topic. I also want to thank my cousin for writing such sweet words about writing. I guess writing isn’t a family trait, so I’m ecstatic to have that talent. Also, thank you for the offering of a contact in publishing! I’ll stash that offer away until I need it.

But the most exciting to me – for obvious reasons – would be that Ali herself discovered, read, and then commented on my blog!


For me, the highlights included these parts of our little dialogue:

Ali: I'm very touched to be your mentor ... and I'm really thrilled that my blogging's been helping you. And you've inspired me to write something about fanfiction soon (I've got quite a few other readers who I know are fanfic writers too...). Keep writing, keep blogging; success isn't overnight, but it'll come!
Me: I'm so excited to see whatever post you write about fanfiction. And thank you for the kind words. I find our similarities amusing and it's stuff like that, and how Rick Riordan and I seem to have similar stylings, that truly proves to me that published writers aren't much more different than I am. That I can actually become published as well.
Ali: Ah, and that's something else I want to post about at some point ... the fact that however distant the "real" writers seem, there's honestly not such a difference.
You're a great writer; that's obvious from your blogging alone (and I haven't read your fanfiction but I'm guessing by your dedication to it and what you've said about the comments you've received that you're great at that too). Heck, with a blog and fanfic out there online, you *are* published, technically speaking... :)

Also, thank you Chibi for chiming in with

Chibi: That's so exciting!! :) And I agree with what Ali said about your writing. :)

Anyway… *SQUEAL* Ali thinks that I’m a great writer!? Based solely on this blog!? I mean… THIS blog!? It’s not even fiction! It’s not informative! It’s a JOURNAL and she still thinks that it’s “obvious” that I’m a “great writer”!!!!


I’m just… just… just… WOW!

So one last thank you to EVERYONE!

Thank you family for the support.
Thank you Ali for the encouragement.
Thank you glorified fanfiction writers for giving me hope.

And super duper thank you for my amazingly, wonderfully, fantastically devoted fans!

You humble me to no end!

So much validation crammed in to one week! I now know how Arnold must have felt in my latest chapter! The Universe is speaking to me and trying to direct me.

And I’m ready to listen!

Mark my words: I WILL be a professional author before I’m 40!


  1. Glad to hear I'm not a burden. I hope to finish the rest of Chapter 2 of my story sometime today, so keep an eye out. :)

    Anyways, as you probably already know, I've started reading your story WHAT IS TRULY MEANT TO BE and so far I really enjoy it. I was actually going to ask if I could make title cards for that story, but it seems as though ChibiSunnie has already beaten me to it. Not that bad of a title card, though.

  2. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your chapter!

    Also, thank you again for the kind reviews and I'm glad you're enjoying it - as well as glad the ending of the first chapter was a surprise - it was to me too, actually... the story was supposed to be a one-shot and Helga accepts Arnold's love... and then the ending slipped in and I went with it. ^_^

    As for the title cards... Chibi is actually just doing generic fanart. I would use her work as individual images for each chapter, but I wanted something that tied all the chapters together as one story. So I was the one who made the Hey Arnold Starburst title card. It was a quick thing in Photoshop. So if you want to do one for the story itself - as opposed to Chibi's individual chapter fanart - I would love to see what you come up with! <3