Sunday, June 17, 2012

Non-Writing Creativity

It's been another week of not writing anything... sort of.

I finished beta-ing CartoonLover16's second chapter. It's longer than my Valentine's Day story. I actually had to split his chapter in half in order to send the edits back to him without crashing FanFiction's DocX Exchange. I find it amusing that he ended up doing something similar to another author I'm Beta reading for - plot-wise.

I also spent the past three days concentrating on a new character I'm creating for another fandom.

Hubby has been talking about it for a while, and he finally got around to starting up his game. It is a forum-based RPG in the X-Men universe. More specifically, it will be a continuation of the X-Men Evolution timeline with the main comic book canon spliced in.

Each player is the son or daughter of at least one X-Man or Brotherhood member. So far all of us  - through a random dice roll - are children of two mutants. Our characters are all ages 14-19 and we're "New Recruits" at The Institute... I THINK he finally decided to stay with the Xavier institute instead of updating to the Jean Grey institute.

He created a list of possible parent candidates and each player is allowed to chose one parent off the list. Once chosen, that character cannot be picked by another player as his/her parent. Hubby then uses dice rolls to randomly determine the other parent - this is the only way players can become siblings because he can roll a parent another player picked already. Other options include a non-mutant parent or Mr. Sinister genetically engineered your character by splicing together two mutants - possibly resulting in both parents being the same sex. Hubby himself was almost the engineered child of Gambit and Bishop... Gambishop. ^_^

Using a table, he then rolls to see if you inherited your powers from your father, mother, both, or not at all - it's more detailed than that, but you get the idea.


My character is the daughter of Amara "Magma" Aquilla and Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox. I chose Magma because... well... her name's Amara... which is also the name of my D&D character that I started developing back in like 2004...
The dice then decided on Multiple Man. I only inherited Magma's powers.

The next few days were spent coming up with a backstory and messing around in Photoshop to create a sprite characterization of my mutant. WHOOT!

So since I haven't really done any writing, I decided that this week I'll share with you the OTHER ways I've been creative.

Here is a list of music video ideas that I want to do using Hey Arnold! footage. I have the professional editing program; just not any way of copying the DVDs on to my computer.... Maybe I'll do that Walmart "Digitize your DVDs" thing....

Music Video Ideas - Fair Warning... nearly every song I hear ends up on this list... :P
And now finally full circle back to writing - since this IS a blog about writing....

The first fifteen days of June hosted a drawing challenge. A new challenge was set up every day and the participants only had 24hrs to complete their drawing. Although I didn't participate - since I can barely draw a stick figure - I did get inspired by some of the art.

New Plot Bunnies


  1. It feels weird that there's another HEY ARNOLD story in the making with a similiar plot device like mine. Makes me feel like a copy cat, but I'm actually interested in reading this story now. :)

    Anyways, I am currently going over what I need to fix in chapter 2. I know I've already said this like a billion times already, but I just wanna thank you again for helping me with this. I think this story is starting to improve my writing skills, thought I still have a long way to go.

    Oh! One more thing...once I go over my mistakes for chapter 2, do you want me to resend it, just so you can see if I left out any other errors?

  2. HAHA, I'll send you everything via message. I'd leave the link to the other story here, but anyone following that link will then know where you're going with your story and I don't want to give out spoilers. ^_^