Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions and Starting Fresh

Well, a Happy New Year to you and yours!

I am hopeful that 2012 - with it's obvious lack of wedding planning and packing/moving - is a LOT less crazy than 2011. Don't get me wrong, all in all, 2011 was a great year and 27 seems a great age. However, all the chaos kind of messed with my writing abilities.

So the new year means starting fresh! And I had a nice start! This morning I woke up and was inspired to work on my fanfiction!
Yeah, you heard me! I worked on my writing! Was so inspired I actually wore my ScriptFrenzy shirt! Granted, I didn't actually work on the ACTUAL story, but I still worked on the skeleton and fleshed more of it out.

OK, to sound a little less like a slacker, let me start off this year by letting everyone know how I work when it comes to at least this story.

1. I decide where I want to go with the next chapter, and then I find the song I'll use as the "parent inspiration". Basically, in drawing sense, I get a reference for the chapter.
2. Next, I use the lyrics to get a broad view of the plotline that I want for that chapter. I try to interpret the lyrics in prose form and usually write out next to each lyric what it could mean in the story's prose.
3. I then take these notes and start threading them together to get the actual timeframe of the story. This lyric will refer to THIS part of the chapter, and this lyric will refer to THAT part of the chapter, etc.
4. Once I know where I want to go with the chapter - and make sure that at least most of the lyrics are represented - I start up on the true skeleton of the chapter. I start fleshing out the details. This is when I whip out the handy-dandy notebook...
....not THAT notebook....
....and I write out the broad overview of the chapter.
5. Once my skeleton is complete and fleshed out I finally take out my netbook/sit at my desktop and actually START WRITING!
Yeah, yeah, I know....
Anyway, this is when I take my narration in my notebook and I actually plug in dialogue and go in to the details of everything. I then polish it up and the next thing I know... it's done!
Anyway..... since it IS a new year, I decided to start fresh. My main resolution is to write more. To work on my stories - or really ANYTHING - at least once a week. To do weekly updates here. To just.... WRITE! I am so determined to actually finish this story before 2013. I started it August 2010 and so I think that would be more than enough time! Well, I worked a little on my story this morning, and I'm writing this update, so far the resolution is in tact!

The other fresh start is the new look I have for this blog. I've read more blogs lately and they look pretty swank. A lot of them bring in interest with pictures - hence all the ones above. Also, I use a LOT of emoticons when I'm writing things on, and so it just seems blah when I can't use the emotes anywhere else. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that DA specifically requests that people don't use the emoticons outside of DA, I would have them plaster those adorable emotes all OVER the place here!

I'm not sure if I like the pictures though. It takes a while to find them and they just take up a lot of space.

Well, I now know at least two people read this blog, and so my last bit to spruce up this place is to tweak who can leave comments. Now you don't need to be a member of in order to comment. So please, I'd love to know what you think of my posts. Are they helpful? Are they amusing to read? Is there anything I can do to make the read more enjoyable? Just leave a comment below!

Love you, guys, and HAPPY 2012!!!!

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