Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years Resolutions: Take Two

Boy am I doing great with resolutions already! I completely missed last week! I did have every intention of posting last Sunday so that Sundays would be "update day." I completely zoned out though, and when I attempted to make up for it on Monday I just got focused on how insane my last post looked with all those pictures. Yet, at the same time, I miss not being as expressive here as I can be on DeviantArt. I was thinking of swiping the emoticons from DA, but they specifically state on their website that the emotes are just for DA.... and I don't want to go around and have copyright issues with anyone.

So then I thought about making my own emoticons. That is damn hard to do if you don't want to just make simple smiley faces! And I was attempting to make Hey Arnold! emotes since the one forum needed them anyway. I am decidedly NOT good at making emotes! I spent pretty much all of Monday attempting and the end result was NOT good. Perhaps I'll try again soon with just regular smileys....

The rest of the week was consumed by Legend of Zelda. My husband and I received the latest game "Skyward Sword" for Christmas. I'm dying to play it, but my husband joked that I can't start "Skyward Sword" until I finally beat "Twilight Princess." And for some reason I agreed to this... All I needed to do was go through the last dungeon and beat the game boss. I mean, that kept me like an hour to do! The issue, however, is that I never "completed" a Legend of Zelda game before. Meaning, I've never had all the side quests completed and I never bothered with the optional dungeons. I was determined to "complete" the game "Twilight Princess" however! I wasn't going to enter that last dungeon until I had the optional dungeon done, collected all the gold bugs, found all the heart pieces, and killed all the poes to collect their souls.

And that's where it got annoying. With the wonderful cheating world of walkthroughs I was able to easily find the last of the heart pieces and the golden bugs that I needed. However, since I played the game on and off for nearly SIX YEARS it was hard to remember which Poes I did and did not find. I went through the walkthrough checklist and I THOUGHT I got them all, but still remained about eleven short! After two days of tagteaming video walkthroughs by and double checking the same spot in the game - which occasionally meant I had to go back through the dungeons I already completed - I FINALLY found the last damn Poe!

By Thursday - after working almost non-stop since Tuesday - I FINALLY beat the damn game! I was now satisfied enough that I could now get started on "Skyward Sword!" YAY!

Friday came, and when I was done with my cleaning spree to make up for the neglect my house got this week, my husband was ready to go to a second week of "Friday Night Magic" at the local comic book/gaming store. Basically, every Friday the store will host a gaming night for customers to sit and play the card game Magic: The Gathering.

My husband LOVES this game and hasn't been able to play much since we got married - finances being what they are. So when his one friend offered to lend him cards to play with the man was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I agreed to go with him to a tournament last week. BIG MISTAKE! I ended up stuck at the shop for SIX FRIGGEN HOURS. I enjoy my husband's friends, and I'm in to a lot of gamer stuff, but I just don't get in to the card games like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon, etc. So while he was in the forever-long tournament, I was off in the corner with my netbook. Sadly, there was no wifi for me to use, and so I couldn't blog while I was there. I attempted to work on my story some more - you know, work on that "write at least once a week" resolution - but it was so noisy I couldn't really concentrate. I ended up playing computer games like "Diner Dash", "Plants Vs. Zombies", or "Skip-Bo".

For this past Friday's tournament I decided to download a whole bunch of fanfiction on to my netbook so I could casually read while I was at the store. I'm not sure why I even bother - the chairs aren't comfortable, I was cramped, I was hungry, and it was too noisy to do much of anything besides computer games again. My only reasoning for going with my husband is that it is the only time I really socialize - unless you count when his friends randomly invade our house. At least this time I was only at the store for about four hours. At that point I got so hungry I gave up and went home. My husband's friends drove him home another three hours later!

Upside: Two weeks in a row my husband won the tournaments and so the store owner joked about making him a crown as "King of Magic"....

Anyway, this week was shot when it came to blogging AND writing. Boy is 2012 starting off terrifically.

Well, I'm on now. Posting on "Sunday Blog Update Day". So it's a start at my second swing to stick to my New Year resolutions. If I can just get past my blockade as to how Arnold didn't know Helga was dating anyone I just might be able to finish up this chapter that's been plaguing me.

In the meantime, I'll be doing more beta-reading for DarkAngel1326 as she ventures away from poetry and in to the land of fanfiction prose. I'll also try to ween myself off of the addiction to all the role playing Delaroux does on facebook in her discussion board....I'd link the board, but it got pretty hard core pretty quickly - crime syndicates, murder, prostitution, demons, sex.... it's racey....

I'm hoping for a positive post next week... we'll see.

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