Sunday, January 29, 2012

Imagine Trumpet Sounds...

Hey...hey... HEY! GUESS WHAT I DID! :) Go on, guess! :D Did you guess? XD


Yup, it's done... FINALLY! Only took me *looks at watch* EIGHT MONTHS... *sigh*

How could a chapter I've been excited about taken so long to work on!? Why is it that this is the second time I've written this about one of my chapters? I have one more chapter that I'm super excited to work on - it's one of the main reasons I made my story in to a novella. It's about three chapters away right now. I sure hope I don't get stuck on that one too... *sigh*

Man, I really need emotes.... perhaps I'll work on that next.... Anyway....

In all honesty, I didn't expect to finish this portion of the writing process yet. I've been slacking hard-core with the "write once a week" portion of my New Year Resolutions. I've been brainstorming a lot with ChibiSunnie, but nothing was actually put on paper. Every time I attempted to work I was either interrupted, or I'd write one sentence, get weary, and just stop. To go even further, I was CERTAIN this was going to be "plot bunny post" week because I couldn't imagine doing anything worth blogging about. I didn't do my last update until Tuesday, on Wednesday I wrote out the "Plot Bunny Post" to keep on stand-by for whenever I need it as filler, Thursday was one of those "interrupted or vegged" days, and Friday was "invasion of hubby's best friend" day. Thankfully, I was feeling crap-tastic on Saturday and spent about three or four hours in bed. In between the half-hour naps I worked on my story skeleton. In fact, towards the end of my self-inflicted bed rest - when the meds finally started kicking in and I stopped feeling nauseous - I went in to a total writing frenzy! Whoot!

I almost did an Early-Update day by blogging yesterday, but the "friend invasion" on Friday turned in to a sleep-over and he ended up hanging at our house for nearly 36hrs.... so instead of blogging I actually socialized... yay!

Anyway, back to the story itself. As mentioned in previous posts, this chapter has become a beast. So much so that I've decided I'm making a companion story to What is Truly Meant to Be: this chapter as a chaptered story in and of itself. I'll be introducing original characters and an original setting - Arnold's home away from Hillwood. I want to show more of each, but this upcoming chapter is the only time we're outside of Hillwood. Also, I had some fun subplots created, but there is just no space within my chapter. This upcoming chapter alone will be epicly long. Quite possibly twice the size of my previously longest chapter "Lady in Red" - the last chapter I was dying to work on and yet kept forever to write... Anyway, I hope this gargantuan chapter will make up for the forever-long hiatus.

I'm also going to breeze through a lot of stuff in the chapter. Mainly because all the previous - and following - chapters take place over the course of one week at most. Aside from "Nobody Wants to be Lonely", all the other chapters take place over the course of just a few hours. This upcoming chapter however takes place over the course of nearly fifty days. The events of nearly two months are going to be scrunched down to one mere chapter. Man, if I hadn't put the "parent song" restriction on myself I would have separated this thing in to two or three chapters.... WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF!?

Here's a bit of a taste by what I mean when I say "gargantuan chapter". I have a notebook where I write the skeleton of the chapter in. The first chapter has a skeleton of two-and-a-half pages. The second chapter has a skeleton of five-and-a-half pages. The third chapter - "Lady in Red" - ended up going completely away from my original skeleton, so it is a whole bunch of notes written in the margins. Keep in mind, THAT is my longest chapter so far. The fourth chapter takes up three-and-a-third pages. Fifth chapter takes up five pages of the notebook. The sixth chapter - which happens to be the shortest - only takes up one-and-two-thirds pages.

Then you have the seventh chapter. My beast that wants its own story. This thing takes up TEN-FRIGGEN-PAGES!!! Boy is this going to be fun to write! :P

Anyway, my point is that I'm FINALLY to the point where I'll be actually WRITING the chapter! Whoot! Once that's done I'll go in to more detail about each individual event when I set up the chapter as its own companion story. If enough people like that, I might stay in my little side-setting and write more companion stories of Arnold's life outside of Hillwood. We know what Helga's been doing over the past four years, but what has Arnold been up to? Hmmm.... plotbunnies.....

In the meantime, I'm still chugging along as Darkangel1326's beta. And we're now in a who-can-embarrass-the-other-more-with-complements war. ^_^ So much bonding! So much "I love I love you more" banter! So much "OMG, you're so awesome.... OMG stop making me blush" banter! So much "Stop telling me how great I am, you're gonna make me cry" battles! I wuv her stuff and tell her she's a great writer. She blushes about how much I gloat about her and retaliates with "YOU BEST BETA EVERS!" It's such a fun relationship! teehee ^_^

So, to you my dear Darkangel.... BIG KISSES AND LOTS OF HUGGLES!

She's just as plagued with plot bunnies as I am so I'm thinking this relationship is gonna last a while.... yay.

Well, off to write and/or work on emoticons for my blog! I'll catch you next week for SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Whoot, whoot!

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