Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something Tells Me I'm Not Gonna Make It

So after a month's worth of feet dragging, I finally started work on my next chapter. Basically, I finished the Percy Jackson books my fiance lent me, craved to read more, but couldn't, and so I decided to distract my craving with some writing of my own - after discovering that Percy Jackson is the fourth most popular fandom to write about on I might have to read some of those ^_^

Anyway, Script Frenzy starts this Friday, and so today and tomorrow are my last days to try to post this next chapter before my month-long hiatus so I can concentrate on my script writing. On the plus side, I had today off and so I had all day to work on my chapter. The down side? I've been violently ill since last night and so I've tag-teamed the bathroom and my bed all day. I did get the full chapter's plot sketched out throughout the course of my day, but with all the naps I was taking I didn't have time to actually start writing. Worst part was when I started falling asleep while in the middle of scripting the plotline and I hoped I could dream about my story so I knew where to go with it - only to dream about friggen Percy Jackson instead! Fiance has me obsessed!

And so, I battled through bathroom runs and naps and writer's block to at least figure out what I want to do with the chapter. I listened to the song it's based on continuously all day. I then spent about an hour or so researching a second song on the internet. Yup, part of my writer's block was when I realized that I wanted ANOTHER song actually in my story - very much like that pain in the butt song Arnold played while dancing with Helga on her rooftop. It kept me about a month to finally get that song figured out, and I had less than two days to figure out the one for this chapter. At first I thought of a DJ mash-up of songs, like those by DJ McFly. But that would make it worse because - as I mentioned for the last song - I don't feel right using "real world" songs for the "Hey Arnold world" and so I'd have to come up with about 20 different songs, describe them, and mash them together. No chance. I then thought of an audio mash-up such as this one for Boxxy. But then I thought it was beyond creepy for the character to have all of these audio bytes of Helga to mash-up and that the song would come across as more creepy then the grand gesture of love it's intended. And so I was again stuck with what to do. That was about the time I passed out hoping to dream about what to do next, only to dream about Percy Jackson instead. XP

Anyway, when I woke up I was still stuck and decided to just flip through some of my favorite Flash submissions on That was when I stumbled upon this little chestnut. Seeing the first character siting outside Spike's bedroom window playing a simple song on a guitar was exactly what I needed. I didn't need to worry about writing a song! I just needed to have my character writing an instrumental song on his guitar! And then at the end of the flash animation, when Spike held up the signs, it was perfect! Helga can know how he feels by him holding up signs for her to read while his song played on a boombox! It would be like Say Anything!

Now, to figure out the guitar song so I knew the feeling while I wrote. I again hit up Newgrounds since it has an audio portal for users to post royalty-free songs that they write, but it was too difficult to find a song that was just instrumental guitar - let alone a slightly sad song. That's when I changed tactics and went to A few searches later I found this song by Daniel Cripps. It was perfect. Once I figured that out I was pretty much set. Now, I work from six AM until four PM tomorrow, and so we'll see if I can manage to write anything. I hope to get this done before Script Frenzy starts, but we'll see....

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