Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Castle Fanfiction Devoured More of My Life

Well, I did it again. I allowed myself to be consumed with Castle fanfiction. I spent about four hours reading more fanfiction in an attempt to find that illusive story I mentioned in the last post - the one written based on the preview for this week's episode. I had to muse about the fact that an amazing episode such as this week's "Countdown" ends up spawning an insane amount of fanfics. Seems a good episode inspires many. If only Hey, Arnold! was still on air, perhaps it would have a lot more fanfics.

Anyway, when I noticed that it was about one PM and I still was reading fanfiction I forced myself to close all of the stories I had opened up in sort of a queue form. I then FINALLY reread the story I was looking for in the first place - I ended up looking through the list of my reviews in order to find the story; should have done that in the first place.

I worked on my own story periodically throughout the rest of the day, but I was frequently interrupted by showering, laundry, eating, taking care of my sister's dog, and watching episodes of Hey, Arnold! as a means of research.

I did manage to get the opening of the chapter done as well as the set up leading to Arnold's realization that he has to break it off with Helga. A few more days like today and I might get this done before mid-March. Which means only two months in between chapters XP At least my readers will be so use to the hiatuses that taking a month off to write during Script Frenzy will seem normal to them...

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