Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to the Grind

So after my post yesterday I feverishly started writing out the plot of my next chapter for my story. In fact, I was almost late for work because I refused to leave until I was done writing out my chapter's skeleton! I DO THIS ALL FOR YOU, MY READERS!!! XD

When all was said and done, and I had a few moments to myself while driving to my internship today, I ended up mentally changing the entire beginning of my next chapter. Oh well. See, originally I was going to have Arnold talk to Gerald and Gerald would say something that would get Arnold thinking. Therefore, Gerald would inadvertently break up Helga and Arnold. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that to poor Gerald. Plus, if Arnold dumping Helga ended up being a twisted form of peer pressure, then his realization that he really is in love with her - as seen in the first chapter - seems less powerful. It would be kind of like "Well, yeah, I'm in love with her, I always was, I was just coerced in to dumping her." I need more of an "I thought I just liked her, and gave her up because I didn't love her, and yet it turns out I do".

My only problem with the later scenario is that it feels too much like Arnold's reaction to Lila in the episode "Arnold and Lila". Quick recap for those who don't know or remember. Lila, through a twist of fate involving Helga, ends up thinking Arnold has a crush on her and forms one for him as well. Arnold goes on "dates" with Lila even though he doesn't have this supposed crush on her, but eventually ends things because he's a nice guy and doesn't feel like dragging Lila along if he doesn't like her "that way". It's not until after he breaks it off with Lila does he realize that he really DOES have a crush on her. And thus two and a half seasons pass with Arnold crushing Lila and all the ArnoldxHelga shippers sending death glares to the Wendy's mascot look-a-like.

However, seeing as how this scenario of "just kidding, I really DO like you that way" has already occurred in canon, it just might be precedent enough to make Arnold's reaction believable. If he made that mistake with Lila, why not do so again with Helga? Aw, but then we have the "but he already knew he liked her romantically because they already dated" argument. GAAR! XP

I still think I'm going to leave it with Arnold thinking that he doesn't love Helga and having her love him and them being in a long distance relationship just isn't fair to her. This whole thing is ironic because I'm using the song "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston as my inspiration for this next chapter... Gaaaah, I'll figure it out.

Regardless of me not really knowing how I'm going to set up the inevitable breakup, I still managed to write a few paragraphs today. I actually brought my netbook in with me this time when I went to my internship. Smart move because I did end up needing to kill about a half an hour before they had something for me to do.

Once I was done with my internship and I came home I had every intention of working some more on my chapter - before it became another three month wait like the last one - and yet I was distracted by another of my Fandoms: Castle. I was running late at work last night and so I ended up missing the oh-so-important first half of the episode. I fought with the internet a bit today, but ended up getting to the episode. Afterwards I wanted to go back to a fanfic that someone had written based on the episode preview and see how close they were. Unfortunately the story I was looking for was buried under tons of new fanfics inspired by the episode. I ended up spending my night reading those instead of working on my own story. Worst yet is that I never did find that original story I was looking for...

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I also have tomorrow off - which is rare on two accounts: 1) I rarely get two days off in a row and 2) rarer still is me getting a Wednesday off. Well, I didn't find out my schedule until about nine PM, and so there is no way I can give Lou Reda Productions a heads up that I'd be coming in; resulting in me having an old fashioned day off again. I'll try REAL HARD to use it to write, but I do have a messy bedroom that I've been neglecting...

We'll see how this goes. Stay tuned!

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