Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well.... that took longer than expected....

**A/N: Alright, so originally I was posting on my bio on FanFiction.net, however it's starting to get lengthy and I was only posting monthly. I'd like to truly keep my readers up to date on my progress of my stories - especially since lately I've been taking friggen THREE MONTHS to post my next chapter/story. I'm just transferring my previous updates here and then I'll post simultaneously.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure anyone really CARES enough to read my progress, but if you are one of my faithful readers who would like an update every once in a while, please sign my guestbook so I know who I'm writing for. I'd like to say "hi" ^_^

Oh, and yeah, I know these are kinda short.... **
Dear LOOOOOORD! It kept me forEVER to finish it, but I FINALLY completed the second chapter to my Hey, Arnold! story "What's Truly Meant to Be: A Hey Arnold Musical". Wow.... about two weeks over due according to my last update! :-P

I really didn't want to write this chapter, it's kinda depressing and I don't like having to put myself in that mindset - especially since work and home life both suck right now and all I wanted to do is watch funny anime like "The Familiar of Zero". Anyway, the chapter is up and I'm really looking forward to writing the next one, so I hope it won't take me a full month to do yet another update....

The family life drama should more-or-less sort itself out by the end of this week, and so that should open up time for me to actually write. In the meantime, I'd like to thank everyone who came to check out my second chapter today! I had the most hits I ever had for one of my stories, and I didn't think anyone even liked this one! So, again, thank you!

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