Saturday, November 6, 2010

I just shouldn't try to write songs....

**A/N: Alright, so originally I was posting on my bio on, however it's starting to get lengthy and I was only posting monthly. I'd like to truly keep my readers up to date on my progress of my stories - especially since lately I've been taking friggen THREE MONTHS to post my next chapter/story. I'm just transferring my previous updates here and then I'll post simultaneously.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure anyone really CARES enough to read my progress, but if you are one of my faithful readers who would like an update every once in a while, please sign my guestbook so I know who I'm writing for. I'd like to say "hi" ^_^ **
I want to start off by again thanking everyone who read my last chapter. 113 hits the day it was posted! Before that the largest turnout I EVER had was about 40-some hits! So yet again, THANK YOU! ^_^ Ok, now that I've got that out of my system. Let's talk about the NEXT chapter. As mentioned in the previous update, I am TOTALLY looking forward to writing it. However, I have to first complete a project FOR the chapter before I can start writing it. A song that will play a sort of key role in the rest of the story "premieres" (as it were) in this chapter, and so I have to make sure I have the perfect song. Originally I was searching all over the internet for just the right song, and just when I thought I found it, a wrench was thrown in to my plans. Namely, that all other celebrities and music used in the Hey Arnold universe are either originals or parodies of actual celebs/songs. For instance: Dino Spumoni instead of Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin (and by extension I guess Nancy Spumoni instead of Nancy Sinatra), Mickey Kaline instead of Mickey Mantle/Al Kaline, Ronnie Matthews instead of Ricky Martin, Revis and Jackie Lee instead of Regis and Kathie Lee, and even Wally the Alligator instead of Barney the Dinosaur. If I were to use an actual singer/song in the Hey Arnold universe it just wouldn't feel right. And so, I am now taking the style of the songs I was most fond of, and I'm writing my own song. I'm not a song writer, so this will prove interesting X-P

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