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2015 Writing Challenge Week 3 - Pyro

A couple days into Week 4 of the Summer Writing Challenge over at Writers’ Huddle, and I'm already a decent way in to finishing the character rework. Much better than the previous weeks where I'm waiting until the 11th hour before committing anything to paper. At times, I mean that literally. I wait until 11pm my time to try to finish writing the bio. I don't do so intentionally; it just keeps that long for my muse to strike.

And by muse I mean my husband.

If I didn't have him as a sounding board I would be screwed in regards to my writing. He's always been the one I've bounced ideas off of, and he's so good at coming up with something epic out of what I pitch to him.

Add in the stupid lag of my computer, and you get me finishing up and posting at about 1am every Monday AFTER the week's challenge is done.

Well, hopefully I break that pattern this week! I'm working on Amara, and I have a decent amount of her worked out already. Thanks to Hubby's suggestion, I have her powers mostly figured out. I decided on her ethnicity and name a month or so ago. Lia is like a little clone of her mom, and so I have Neo-Amara's appearance figured out. I just need to think of a backstory for her and I'm done!

But, knowing me, I will probably STILL end up not finishing until about 11:30 this Sunday...

Enough of that, though. I'll tell you more about Neo-Amara next week; after I'm done building her.

This week is about Neo-Pyro.
New Name: Ignatius "Iggy"
Code Name: Balrog
Basic Info: 39yrs old, 5' 10", 150lbs, Strawberry Blonde hair, and gold eyes
Powers: Norm Beast Evoker Hybrid; Sub-category: Fire Charmer
Norm Beasts have a physical mutation since birth, but can still pass as a regular human; or "Norm". Iggy's Beast quality is his yellow eyes.
Evokers can manipulate parts of nature; usually the elements. Evokers have three sub-categories: Charmers, Summoners, and Avatars. Charmers can manipulate their element as long as it's already present. Summoners can cause that element to come into existence. Avatars are technically Tweaker Evoker hybrids because they can transform their bodies into the element.
Iggy is in the first category: Charmer. He can’t create fire, but he can manipulate existing fire. Something as large as a burning building to something as small as a simple spark or dying ember; he can manipulate the fire however he pleases. He can shrink or grow the fire, regardless of amount of fuel feeding it. He can also bend the flames into whatever shape he wants. His favorite is a flame whip. The concentration of the flow of flame actually makes it tangible, and so being hit with his flame whip won’t only burn, but it will also sting just like an actual whip would.
Since he can’t start fires himself, he always carries around a futuristic utility lighter. It’s an insulated metal cylinder about six inches long, and has a button on the side that has to be held down to ignite the lighter fluid. The flame naturally extends about three inches; like an actual lighter. Iggy uses the lighter as a handle and manipulates the flame into his fire whip; no longer needing to hold down the button to keep the flame burning. He can even manipulate the fire after the lighter is knocked out of his hand, as long as he has mental control over it before the flame burns out.
Physical Appearance: Slender and tone, but not terribly muscular. He keeps the sides of his hair trimmed short and the top of his hair medium length and spiked straight up. It’s also kept dyed in a red ombre so the spiked hair looks like flames. He has a thin, long face with high cheekbones and dimples when he smiles. His jaw was broken once, and so his smile is crooked, but in an almost charming way. His back is scarred from scientists extracting spinal fluid, his wrists have faded scars from the shackles while captive, and a scar curves under the right corner of his mouth from when his jaw was broken. He has three piercings in each ear and a bar through his left eyebrow.
He has a sophisticated punk rocker look. Tight jeans, comfortable graphic t-shirts and tanks, a long necklace, and either bracelets or bracers. Over top he wears either a leather studded vest, black hooded down vest, or short black parka. He also has a chain that clips to his studded black belt, but instead of it connecting to a wallet, the other end of the chain clips to his lighter.
His favored color palette for his clothing is a mixture of blacks and reds. His shirts tend to have a white base for accent purposes, and his jeans are either deep blue, grey, or black.
These were the images I found to help inspire the appearance of Iggy:
Young Billy Idol for the haircut inspiration
More or Less what the gold eyes look like
Mikoto from "K" as my main physical appearance inspiration
Billy Idol in "The Wedding Singer"; inspiring Iggy's outfits
Personality: He has a Devil May Care attitude about most things in life. He’s very flirtatious, but only has about a 50/50 record when it comes to successfully seducing women. He’s very playful and tends to be a bit immature for his age. However, he’s also stern and intense as a leader. When he’s pulling rank he’s very calm and collected; nothing shakes him. He’s borderline lackadaisical unless he was the one who brought up the topic of discussion.
He tends to become very manic when he gets angry or vengeful. He becomes the most manic when around destruction; loving it and wanting to create as much more as possible. He even laughs at the deaths of his enemies; regardless if he’s the one who caused them.
He’s surprisingly loving and paternal with those he cares about. He was heartbroken when Neo-Mystique left him, a good father-figure to Trish, and relished having Devon around when the two finally met.
General History: Born and raised in Northern Dublin, Ireland. He was always a bit of a troublemaker; a mischievous child who loved pulling off pranks. Some pranks were a bit too severe though, like putting bottle rockets in people’s pockets with only seconds to remove them before they went off. When he was about 12 his powers manifested. Fearful that he was such a troublemaker and a handful because of the Glitch DNA influence, his mom sent him to a facility that claimed they could “Debug” Glitches; turning them perfectly human again. Iggy’s mother abandoned him to the facility; praying that he’d be “cured” and eventually returned to her.
He was chained down and experimented on daily. The main experiment was to extract bone marrow and spinal fluid multiple times a week in hopes that the extracts would explain how his Glitch DNA manifested. Most of the guards in the facility worked there because of their hatred for Glitches, and so they took every opportunity they could to beat him near death. Finally, when he was 15, someone slipped up and allowed a spark near him. He used it to create a large enough fire to escape. Hating his mother for leaving him there for over three years, Iggy got himself false papers and immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts.
Not having any other real place to go, Iggy got caught up in a street gang. He quickly grew his own pack of followers. By the time he was 17 he managed to break away from the gang and start his own rival group. Renowned for being the leader of the infamous Salamanders - under the code name Balrog - he attracted the attention of young Neo-Mystique. The two hooked up when he was 18, and after a few months he finally let her know about his past. Enraged by the mistreatment of Glitches, Neo-Mystique convinced Iggy to rework his gang into a Freedom Fighter group. No Glitch would be safe until they could live apart from Norms, and on their own terms. At Iggy’s 19th birthday party, he announced that he was renaming the Salamanders: “If Humanity thinks we’re some virus to their system, then that’s exactly what we’ll be.”
The Virus was more than a Glitch Freedom Fighter group, though. Iggy’s manic drive pushed him too far over the next three years, and they became more of a terrorist group. Doing whatever it took to take down Glitch-Haters, even if it meant taking down allies as well. Not wanting their unborn child to grow up in such an atmosphere, the newly pregnant Neo-Mystique ran off. Iggy never even knew if she was going to be having a son or daughter.
He was enraged by the betrayal, and while on the search for her and their child, he put all his remaining time towards destroying the last of the large Anti-Glitch movement. He quickly climbed the Most Wanted lists, and enjoyed every minute of it. The real kick was when Neo-Kitty opened up her orphanage and school for Glitches. He hated her and Dom’s view of Glitches co-existing with Norms, and frequently butted heads with Dom’s elite squad sent out to protect Norms; therefore stopping Iggy’s plan. Iggy also hated the idea that his own gang recruitment could go down if Dom and Neo-Kitty got to the Glitches first; giving them a safe and loving environment to “hide in” instead of growing in his group. A strong hatred and rivalry between the groups formed.
I still have some wrinkles to iron out with this build, but I like it enough to have considered it a complete Week 3 task. I also love that working Iggy inspired me to split up the Evoker species in to different tiers.

The mini-challenge we were given this past week was to post two sentences from our WIP. Well, once I gave the Irishman Iggy golden eyes, a mini-pick-up-speech popped into my head. It's probably riddled with possibly-offensive Irish stereotyping, but the way I look at it, he's using this to try to hit on women in Boston. Us Americans don't know any better, and so he'd milk the Irish Charm, even if it means perpetuating poor stereotypes.

Anyway, here's Iggy's BS pick-up line mini-monologue that I submitted as last week's mini-challenge:
Ye like my golden eyes, do ye? Fascinating story, that. Ye see, my mother found herself a pot of Leprechaun Gold. She bartered with the leprechaun to give it back, so long as he gifted her with a son. She had been trying for so long, ye see. Oh, but a magic baby, he has to be special. So she asked the leprechaun for the brightest little lad. A bit of a spitfire, but a charmer that could set any girl’s heart aflame. A babe that would be the light of my mother’s life. Well, that leprechaun, he was willing to do anything to get his gold back, so he gladly shook on their deal. It wasn’t until after the deal was met did he notice that my mother had kept two pieces for herself; to pay for the upcoming newborn. That leprechaun wasn’t none too happy, but a deal is a deal. So, he played his little faerie tricks and took my mother’s request as earnestly as possible. She got a little spitfire that could set girls’ hearts aflame. Ain’t none more so than a fire charmer, eh? And them two gold pieces? Well, that leprechaun couldn’t take them back himself, but he did place them in my eyes. That way my mother always had a reminder of where I came from; who blessed her with me. But I have to say, them pieces of gold have paid for more than their fair share of good times.
Well, this Benadryl is kicking my butt. I'm off to Napville before attempting work tonight. Who knows? Maybe I'll dream Amara's backstory, and I'll legitimately have her done before the Sunday Midnight deadline this week.

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