Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Summer Writing Challenge Week 2 - Wolverine

Happy first of the month! Don't get those often with this blog update.

It was a crazy week, but I was able to get the first week of the summer challenge done.

Why was it a crazy week? Well, first and foremost, it was graduation week, and so work was insanity. On top of that, I was rushing around trying to get myself ready for this past weekend.


This past Monday, June 29th, my mother celebrated 20yrs of being cancer free! My sister has been running around like a chicken with her head cut off since January in order to throw our mom a surprise party this past Saturday.

It was fantastic! First was the initial surprise of the party itself. Hubby had convinced me to hide, and so my mom had another surprise when she finally saw me. If that wasn't big enough, her brother - who lives on the other side of the country - was able to fly in with his daughter - my mom's goddaughter. Mom hasn't seen them in a few years. So, yeah, them showing up a bit late to the party was actually perfect. My poor mother needed a box of tissues.

However much fun this weekend was, it still really hindered my ability to write the past week. Especially since I've been working on a crocheted pillow for my mom. Man, the amount of times I've wanted to state since April that I've been behind on writing because I've been working on that. Of course I couldn't, otherwise I would have ruined the surprise for Mom.

Still, I was determined to follow through with this challenge, which means I had to find SOME time to rework Gambit in to an original character for my X-Future reboot. So, this Sunday I stayed up until 2am - which, technically, was 2hrs late - so I could spend about six hours of researching in order to get my weekly goal done.

So, here is the abridged version of my character rework:
New Name: Ryder
Basic Info: 44yrs old, 6' 2", 180lbs, Brown hair and eyes
Powers: Silver Tongue Mind Glitch
Long and short - he can verbally hypnotize people. However, he can't hypnotize people in to doing something they're morally opposed. He also can't hypnotize other Mind Glitches. He also can't hypnotize people who know the suggestion is false.
Physical Appearance: Typically wears darker colors; mostly black, but does switch it up with browns, deep crimson reds, or dark navy blues. Generally wears tighter straight-legged jeans or casual black slacks. Preferred footwear are lighter boots that don’t hinder his natural light-footing but also provides good ankle support. He also tends to sport either a light, black trench coat or a black motorcyclist jacket. His outfits are generally picked for comfort and the ability to quickly blend into the crowd. He avoids things like piercings, tattoos, or even flashy outfits/accessories/vehicles so that it’s harder for people to remember him and/or pick him out in a line-up. He’s just one of the faceless masses.
It's just easier to show the picture I found as an inspiration to Ryder:

Personality: Casual, playful, suave, but can be deadly serious when the time calls for it. He’s a bit juvenile on occasion; especially when hanging with his son. Prior to meeting his wife, he was a lady’s man and a bit of a player. Even after nearly two decades, the reputation of being a flirt still sticks with him - as does the reputation of being a “bad boy”; so much so that even his son Chayse is stuck with those labels.
He was also a bit self-centered and narcissistic prior to meeting "neo-Kitty".
Super Brief History: Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Realized his powers when he was about 12. Became a promiscuous young teen and progressed in to a trouble-maker; joyrides, theft, underaged drinking, gambling, breaking and entering, etc. He dropped out of school and left home at 17. He used his life of crime to live comfortably until 21 when he accidentally conned a group of crime syndicate members. To save his life he immigrated to California as a refugee. He met Jacob Driver in a poker game. When Jacob's Glitch power failed to con Ryder the later attempted to use his own powers to convince Jacob to pay double the amount he was supposed to. When THAT failed they realized they were both Mind Glitches and became fast friends.
They created a small con-artist group of 20 that they co-lead until Ryder met "Neo-Kitty". When he crashed and burned with her - the first woman to ever turn him down - he became obsessed with trying to woo her. He ended up leaving the life of crime, became legit, and then married "Neo-Kitty" when he was 28. He kept in touch with Jacob, which is how Willow made her way to the orphanage in order to learn how to control her powers.
Now, my mother might be swinging up here for the long-weekend on Friday, even after seeing us earlier this week. Which means I'll be spending a lot of this week cleaning the apartment as well as the crazy work-week leading in to Independence Day. Not much writing free time again, so this will be interesting.

Now, AngelBlood666 requested that my next rework be Wolverine. Luckily, I have him started, and so it's not as much work for this busy week as if I were working from scratch. Downside? I'm having the hardest time re-imagining him as anyone BUT Wolverine. It was a lot easier once I found the above reference picture for Ryder, and when I saw Makoto in K; the inspiration for Iggy. I need to do more research to try to figure out how Neo-Wolverine looks. Perhaps finishing up his build will be easier then. Especially since I'm still not completely convinced that I like the name Mateo. I'm hoping that once I know what he looks like I'll be more confident in naming him.

We'll see how this goes.

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