Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Never Ending Naming Struggle, and Other Writing Bumps

Wow! Super short post this week! Sorry about that...

Well, to start, my wrist is still killing me. It keeps feeling better, and so I don't think about it or the brilliant idea of getting it checked out. Then I go back to work and it starts throbbing again. It REALLY killed me yesterday because it was the first time I worked two days in a row after injuring myself. The next three days are going to be fun with three back-to-back-to-back work days. So much for injury recovery. Thank god for ace bandages, ice, and wrist braces.

Needless to say, the injury held me up a bit when it came to doing much this week. However, I managed to magically injure my wrist at JUST the right angle that it doesn't seem to really affect me while I'm typing. Not sure if it goes the other way around, though: I'm not agitating the injury while writing.

Hand writing hurts like the dickens, though. So I've only done a few notes and scribbles while on work breaks. Nothing terribly too major sorted out there.

I was determined to not go another week breaking my New Years Resolution of "No more than three Zero Days in any given week". So, I focused on more researching. Specifically, I focused on Canon Reworks naming. I even started up a little spreadsheet for it and everything. I have the Marvel canon character name, the code name, and some new name options along with what they mean. I haven't gotten so far as to try to tackle the new code name issue quite yet.

Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox is definitely Cody, but I still need to come up with a new last name. Might just flip open the phone book on that one...

I personally still like Margaret for Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde, but Hubby isn't budging on his dislike of the name. So, I'm trying out a few more options there.

James "Logan/Wolverine" Howlett will most likely be named Mateo, but I'm not 100% on that yet. On the one hand, I really like the uniqueness of the name. You don't see a lot of Latino characters with that name. I also like that it almost has a Japanese flavor to it too. On the other hand, people may not know how to pronounce the name. I know that Phfylburt had that issue at first. Because of that set-back, I'm leaning towards more easily-recognizable names like Ruben and Ramon. Not sure they fit his gruffness like "Logan" does, though.

Amara "Magma" Aquilla is now Hawaiian, and so I found a Hawaiian name that means "fire": Keahi. Much like Mateo, I'm a bit concerned that people will stumble when they come across the name, and that tends to jettison readers out of the immersion in to the story. However, the fact that only had ONE name listed for "Hawaiian meaning Fire", and Amara is almost a non-existent character who is rarely spoken of by name, perhaps having a name like Keahi isn't so bad.

GAAAH, I don't know! I'm so hesitant at deciding on something definitely. I guess it's a fear due to the fact that I know I'm still so bad at this whole "naming" thing! I mean... come on....
HOW.  DO.  I.  TITLE!?

I did get some actual writing in, though. As I mentioned last week, Ronoxym and Cyhyr thought Devon sounded whiny in a monologue I wrote for him. See, in the current version of Please, Let Me Explain, Willow tells Devon that even if she believed he was innocent it wouldn't make things better; it could actually make things worse. Then later in the story, Devon again pleads with Willow that there must be SOMETHING he could do in order to prove he was innocent. This time Willow agrees; mostly to shut Devon up and to ease her own curiosity. I only JUST realized that both Devon's plea and Willow's agreement COMPLETELY ignore her earlier argument that finding out he was innocent would make things worse for her. I needed a new reason for Willow to listen to Devon so the story could stay on the track Ron set up for it. It's bad enough I derailed it majorly once.

Well, my solution was for Devon to point out that knowing the truth DOES suck and CAN make things worse, but he's now broken too. She wasn't the only one affected, and she's not the only one who would have regrets after discovering the truth. The difference is that he was forced to learn the truth and now has to live with the consequences. Willow needed to grow up and face the truth as well, regardless of how much it would hurt. It's supposed to be this angry snap back at Willow to suck it up. It was supposed to be a way for Willow to realize how childish and selfish she was being, and agree to follow through with Devon's plan. INSTEAD, Ron and Cy just felt Devon was whining in his little Emo Corner about how he hurts too. I'm hoping my rework fixed that. Although, I feel he went a bit over-the-top aggressive in this updated version. Eh, we'll see. Still waiting for Ron's response.

Speaking of Ron, he has today off, and so maybe we'll be able to get some writing work-shopping done. However, he's sort of all over the place lately. So, the first task would be to get him to focus on just one project.

Ironically, I'm getting a bit off-focus myself. Since I've been mentally blocked when it comes to X-Future, and I'm on hold with advancing PLME, I've been bouncing between menial researching for X-Future, more brainstorming for Gyateara, and actually thinking about working on What Is Truly Meant To Be again. Now, let me stress that there's no guarantee that I'll be doing any actual writing on the next chapter any time soon. Still, the fact that the wheels are grinding again after a two year hiatus isn't too shabby. We'll see where I end up going with that.

I'm also jam-packed with work compared to last week, so who knows how much writing I'll be able to get done. Still, I'm going to try my hardest to focus and really push myself more towards writing daily again. At the very least, I should be researching something every day.

I really need to get the new names for the Marvel canon reworks. Maybe that should be my goal for next week...

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