Wednesday, March 4, 2015

There's Life Outside Editing?

Once again Wednesday sort of snuck up on me. Which is super odd since I pretty much had all the time in the world the past week. It's the end of the fiscal year at work, and so all the hours are getting cut. I only worked every other day last week, and I have the exact same schedule this week.

Oddly though, instead of my normal open shifts on Tuesdays, yesterday and last week I ended up closing. Let me tell you, with a winter water main break meaning that even my work is on boil advisory.... it was not a fun work night.

Maybe that's what threw me off. Honestly, I would have gone through probably the whole day without even realizing it was Wednesday. Thankfully, I had to double check something on and they post what day of the week it is on their main page. I just stared at the date going "WAIT! IT'S WEDNESDAY!? AND I JUST SPENT THE PAST TWO HOURS FIGHTING WITH FACEBOOK INSTEAD OF WRITING!?"

Good job, Lyco! Good job!

My life this week - aside from keeping up with my New Years Resolution to check in with Writers’ Huddle weekly - has been editing more of Please, Let Me Explain. It's seriously getting to the point where I'm not sure what to do with my life once I'm done editing....

While most people tend to cut and condense when they edit stories, I somehow managed to add another page or two. I'm now up to page 19 out of 23. So, Ronoxym is going to have a TON of reading to do once he gets back to PLME. Poor guy.

Fun little side note, Ron and Cyhyr are finally tying the knot on the 14th! So, that probably explains why Ron went MIA. Planning a wedding takes slight precedence over writing. Between last-minute figurings out, the wedding itself, and the honeymoon.... It may be a little while before he's ready to get cracking down on the story again. Fair warning for anyone who may have started reading PLME. I only have this insanely long section and then one more to edit before I'm caught up with where Ron left off.

If I keep up with my pace of one new chapter a month, that gives Ron until the end of April to try to knock out the next portion of the story. There's hope, but I foresee delays. Sorry about that.

On the flipside, I do have at least two crochet projects to try to knock out, and my own writing to work on, and I still have my reading to catch up on. So I guess THAT is what I will do with my life once I'm done editing.

Yeah... I got so caught up in working on PLME that I didn't even bother picking up a book again. Part of me feels ashamed, but another part just doesn't care. Yes, writers should be readers as well, but should I really cut down a writing/editing spree because I haven't read enough yet?

March is pretty jam packed with birthdays and weddings, but I'll be sure to finish Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. Still not sure when I'll be able to make up for my non-read in January, though...

ChibiSunnie also recently sent me something to beta. So I have that to work on too. Eh, I guess I really don't have much to worry about when it comes to life-after-editing! I have more projects that I originally realized.

I'm not sure exactly WHEN this month I'll be able to get the latest PLME chapter up. Once I'm done with the nitty gritty sentence-by-sentence editing to make sure the story is exactly the way we want, I also have to go back through and do one more full read through. I might be able to find places to cut and make sure we're not repeating ourselves. Reading it bit by bit over the course of a couple weeks, I feel like we might be all over the board, so I need to rein that in.

Hopefully Wednesday won't sneak up on me again next week, and I'll be better prepared to give you fine folks a head's up on my progress.

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