Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Think I Figured Out Life Beyond Editing...

I failed at keeping one of my New Years Resolutions this week. Pretty much had a full string of Zero Days. I finished editing Please, Let Me Explain, and then I just moved on from writing completely.

My work breaks are back to being spent solving Sudoku puzzles. When I'm home I'm spending hours on end battling the massive lag my computer gets while I'm on Facebook. So now a simple "I'll spend an hour checking in and playing games" turns in to "I just spent three hours going through my notifications!?" I have also been crocheting my niece's birthday gift. She's turning two in less than a month, so we'll see if I can go two-for-four on the whole "get it done BEFORE it's time to gift it" thing. I also have another major crochet project that I need to work on. On top of that, my sister-in-law is expecting her second child, and so I need to get cracking on another blanket once I know what the new baby theme will be.

So. Much. Crocheting....

Which I guess means it's understandable that I would be taking breaks from writing. Still, I don't like that I went a week without writing a word - outside of Writers’ Huddle; I kept my Resolution to check in once a week - or reading one, either.

I feel like I have a semi-valid excuse for my "laziness" in regards to writing, though.

My godson turned one yesterday.
Happy Belated Birthday, Buddy!
(This was his actual birthday theme)
This past Sunday was his birthday party in my hometown. Therefore, this week consisted of crocheting, packing, picking up work hours, scheduling confusion at work, driving to my hometown, late night birthday dinner for my sister, godson's party, dress shirt shopping for Hubby, driving home, and more work...

So it doesn't get buried in that list of everything I did last week, I want to take another quick time out to focus on the "birthday dinner for my sister" part. Because today is her actual birthday. Yup, Bestie gave birth to my godson the day before my younger sister hit the big 2-5.
She may be 26, but my sister is obsessed with Minnie Mouse
and snowflakes. Frankly, I'm SICK of snow by now
so... Minnie Mouse. :P
The crocheting - as I mentioned earlier - is my niece's upcoming birthday gift. The dress shirt shopping for Hubby - with my sister; a way for us to spend time together for her birthday - was because we just don't get dressed up all that often. With Ronoxym and Cyhyr getting married this Saturday, Hubby needed a new wardrobe. We got him a nice-sized one from Kohl's, too!

Work was the most interesting bit of this past week. It's the end of the business' fiscal year, and so - to try to cut end-of-the-year costs - payroll has been slashed. Which means I don't get nearly enough hours in my department; even though it's the most my manager can give me. Thankfully, there were a lot of call-ins for another department I was trained in, and so I went from "Wow! I have all the days off!" to "Working five days straight; go me!"

Problem though, was that no one informed my manager that I was being scooped up for this other department, and so even though Payroll knew to charge my time to this other department, as far as my manager was concerned I just added about 20hrs to him; hours he didn't have to give. There was also a massive break down in communication about whether or not I was working this past Saturday. Originally, I had asked for it off so I could spend the full day with my fam and maybe help Bestie out with last minute party details. Then I saw that I was scheduled for Saturday. No biggy, I'd just head down after my shift and take Monday with everyone instead. HOWEVER, my manager saw his oopsie after posting the schedule and - in a panic - shifted people around best he could in order to cover my Saturday shift. Thing is, no one told ME that the shift was covered, and so I was still under the assumption that I needed to be there. So now there are two people working the same exact shift... and it wasn't even all that busy a day. Add that to the panic about going way over payroll because no one realized the extra 20hrs would be pitched to the other department.

Yeah, Saturday was fun as the assistant manager freaked out and scrambled to try to cut hours. I got booted from the department - only for the other department to scoop me up yet again so I still worked my 7-1 that I was planning on that day.

After a pow-wow with my manager, we succeeded in ironing out the whole communication thing. So this chaos shouldn't be an issue again. However, that fiasco was pretty much all I talked about over the weekend. That plus birthday things took up most of my mini-vaca time.

Since coming home yesterday, I once again picked up a shift - I'm heading in to work more-or-less after this post is published - worked yesterday, and crocheted a bit more. My next day off now is Ron and Cy's wedding. So, I'm probably not going to get much writing done this week either.

Super bummer.

I really need to work on finding at least little five-minute projects - or break out a book for this month's reading - so I can keep all of these Zero Days at bay....

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