Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Focus on the X-Future

I've avoided the dreaded "Zero-Day" this week, but only barely. Also, I managed to do so with the amazing talent of still avoiding any actual work. Shame, considering last week's post.

I've finally done something else with Lia on the board, but only barely. Essentially I had her again go through some mental turmoil while she walked to a picnic meeting place with Ripley. So... some minor character development with even less actual action: walking through campus to a meet-point.

I also advanced Willow a bit more on the mission she's currently on. Yes, most of it was just like Lia: inner dialogue and reactions to what has already happened. However, I did finish with her actually DOING something! Whoa! Yeah, she's gonna try to disarm some guards. We'll see how that goes.

Along with some moderately simple posts on the forum I've also began recapping the forum for ChibiSunnie. She has all of the X-Future: Snippets in queue; waiting for me to update X-Future: The Second Generation Begins enough that the snippets will no longer contain spoilers for her. She's less concerned about actually coming across plot/character spoilers and more concerned about being lost while reading the snippets since she doesn't know the events leading up to them.

Well, since I'm taking forever to update TSGB - more on that in a bit - I offered to give her the super broad strokes overview of the forum. Essentially what I wanted to do with TSGB in the first place. I'm trying to do so simply from memory, and I'm attempting this for two reasons. One - the same reason it's taking me forever to update TSGB: there are a LOT of posts to sift through and try to re-organize in posting order so I know exactly what happened when. It's a daunting task that my lazy butt wants to avoid having to do until I have my netbook back. That way I don't have to spend hours sitting at my computer, but I also don't have to worry about having to transfer files back and forth between the desktop and Hubby's laptop. The second reason for trying to recap for Chibi simply based on memory? Because obviously only the major events will stick with me. Therefore if I don't remember it happening on the boards it isn't something essential for Chibi to know; it won't be something that affected much on the board and/or something that would come up in my snippets.

She joked about how "brief" the broad strokes recap of the board would be:
Chibi: I'm just a bit scared to ask for it since it might be like a 500 page document given how many pages of info you gave me just on how to draw the characters.

This is the picture she was talking about. Her X-Mas card for me.
Each character had over a page of description so she knew what they looked like/how they acted...
I of course had to throw out the rebuttal:
Me: It probably WILL be about 500pgs when all is said and done. XD That's the issue with a 2yr time span and 37 characters.

Add in that I clearly haven't mastered the art of succinct writing yet... Honestly, with the amount I've written for her so far, the 500pgs isn't too far off of an estimate.

Perhaps it would be better if I made a video of myself rambling off everything and sending THAT to her instead.....

The only other writing I've done this past week has consisted of the most minor of advancements in the X-Future reboot idea. Phfylburt apologized for not being as involved with coming up with world building ideas, but I assured him it was alright. First of all, he has his own manuscript he's working on and should concentrate on. Secondly, this reboot concept is honestly more of my baby, and I'm just Shanghai-ing him and Hubby for the ride. So I totally get that this is mostly my solo-project to start off with. Hubby and Phfyl are just around as sounding boards to figure out what ideas work well. I'm sure once we have a firmer concept figured out they'll become more involved.

Anyway, in the Marvel universe you have two different terms for those who are genetically different than the average human population. Those who were born with these genetic differences - such as the X-Men - are called mutants since it was a mutation in their genes that caused the difference. However, there are also a vast amount of characters in the Marvel universe that are born as normal humans, and then they are exposed to a mutagenic that altered their DNA. Characters such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. These characters are called mutates since they were mutated after birth, instead of born with a mutation.

Even though it doesn't really affect anything since Deadpool is the only mutate in the X-Future universe - and he most likely won't be brought over since you really can't re-create Deadpool without it being obvious it's him - I still wondered what humanity would call the mutates in this new, original world.

Since I'm strongly leaning towards calling mutants "Glitches" since their mutation is brought on by a "glitch" in their DNA, I continued the computer metaphor to state that mutates had their DNA "hacked" and altered by a mutagen. Therefore, mutates would be considered "Hacked". It's a bit of an odd title since it's passive. Mutants are Glitches. They are that term. It's an active term. However, mutates "were hacked". They aren't called "Hacks" nor are they called "Hacked". They were passively "hacked". Even those who may have done it to themselves through experimentation or as a means to turn themselves in to a Glitch for power - people such as The Incredible Hulk or Captain America - would be considered people who "self-hacked".

In and of itself, the differentiating between mutants having an active term and mutates having a passive term - as if they're victims - could say a lot about the non-accepting world X-Future takes place in. So I might keep the terms as such. I might even go further and if we come up with a plot where people are actively attempting to create mutates the mutagens they come up with could be considered "viruses" or "backdoors" or "trojans" or some other term for something a hacker uses to gain access to your system.

The other minor thing I thought of was how to "introduce" mutants to this near-future world. Is this fictional world so different that mutants just sprang out of nowhere? Were they all the result of nuclear fallout? I personally liked to think that mutants in this story are like homosexuals in reality. They've always been there, even in ancient times. But for some reason they stopped being seen as a rare phenomenon and became the focus of social inequality. I need to research this more to truly see the "evolution" of homosexuality becoming socially accepted, but I would love for mutants to be the same way in X-Future.

Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia have all passed in this world. Sure, they are still holding strong with some ignorant people, but for the most part there is equality between all races, both sexes, and regardless of sexual orientation. So now it's the mutants' turn to raise their voices and plead for equality and acceptance in a world that fears and hates them.

I mean, even if it is an original take, it's still based on X-Men, and what is X-Men without the social commentary and not-so-subtle racism/Holocaust allegory?

Now, if I can just get myself to focus on more Gyateara world building....

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