Sunday, June 9, 2013

Excuse the Delay...

I want to do something special now that I realized last week's post was my 100th. However, I haven't had time.... 

Sooooooo until I can find the time (hopefully before the end of the week)..... please forgive this temp post.....

Also, feel free to take some of this newly-found free time to sign up for my email updates, or my RSS feed. That way you can be quickly contacted once everything is finished up here. 

You can find the links to the right.

If you prefer, you can also await my status update on Facebook. I'll post there when everything is shiny and new. You can find me here.

Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter (@LycoRogue). I'm a bit odd with my tweets, I don't do it frequently, but I do always tweet when I update the blog.

Thank you again for your patience. We should have everything up and running shortly.

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