Sunday, June 2, 2013

Candy and Scene Girls Killed My Writing

Honestly, I was going to just post the "temp post" again.... but then I realized I didn't really have anything to eventually replace it with.

So, instead I decided to just go ahead and write this post, to let you know that I have just about NOTHING in ways of productivity this week.

My poor friend celestialTyrant has had a bit of a raw deal this past week or so and that took up most of my time. He came to visit on Memorial Day and stuck around until Wednesday. He then came back Friday evening. Each time he brought along his entourage of Gunvalel and Omnibladestrike. The three of them and Hubby would play MTG, which would leave me off to do my own thing. Problem is.... the four of them get fairly loud... especially CT.... and so I couldn't really concentrate on any writing.

Instead, I spent most of my time doing one of two things; both distractions thanks to CT.

The first distraction is both a major or a minor one, depending on the situation. He introduced me to an online game that was recently released. Purely ascii-graphic based and pretty spiffy. It's called Candy Box!

When you first bring up the page it's completely blank except for a "save" button, an "Eat All The Candies" button, and a candy "counter" that increases by one every second. If you leave the page up for at least ten seconds, you then get a new button: "Throw 10 Candies on the Ground". I just sort of stared at this page, clicked both candy buttons, went "What the hell!?", and closed the page again. CT then told me to "be patient" and just let the page sit in the background.

With a sigh I agreed and let the page sit open. After a minute the first ascii drawing pops up. It's a Candy Merchant who will sell you lollipops in exchange for the candy you keep getting every second. Wait to build up your candies even more and he'll sell you a sword. A larger bank of candies will allow you to buy potions or scrolls off of him and you can really have fun in your RPG adventure.

The game just keeps evolving from there. Buying the sword opens up the Inventory tab and the Quest tab. Completing the first quest gives you a key to open up your lollipop farm. Completing quests not only give you more items for your inventory, but it also opens up the next quest. The downside of the game is to become truly powerful enough to defeat certain quests you need to have a lot of hit points - which are gained when you eat x-number of candies - and upgrades from the sorceress. Both things usually mean you need to let your candy and lollipop banks fill for hours on end. Personally, I've had the same game tab open since Monday and I can only imagine I'm only about half-way through the game. It's quite addicting in its simplicity and lack of needing to actively play. However, there are plenty of things you could do if you did want to actively kill time by playing the game.

The other distraction, thanks to CT, is a new character in the X-Men RPG. We now have a hyper-active, 14yr old, Scene Girl as our newest X-Men recruit. And, as per usual, I got so excited by her that I wanted to work on an avatar for her - just like almost all of the other characters I've already built avatars for. So, I went back to my doll makers and spent the week collecting different bases and clothing from the TONS of makers up on the site; dumping them all in Photoshop for me to merge in to the avatar.

My biggest problem though, is that I realized I have little to NO idea what it means to have the "scene" look. I mean, I'm sure I could point out someone and comment "Oh! That's so Scene", but I wouldn't be able to put an outfit together myself. Sort of how someone could tell me "that movie was so campy" and I know what they're talking about, but I could never watch a movie and then describe it as "campy". If any of that makes sense....

Anyway, so my week was ALSO spent scouring the internet for articles on what it means to be "Scene" and how to become "Scene" and what "Scene Girls" look like/dress like, etc. I'm still not 100% sure I know what I'm doing, but CT can let me know if I designed his character alright.

Splash in some cleaning, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest playing, and The Red Pyramid reading.... and you have my week outside of working.

Sadly, I haven't even OPENED the last "lesson" in the "How to Write Flash Fiction" course I signed up for.... Sheesh!

So, sorry for the lack of writing productivity. I'm hoping to do better this week, but I have a full work week, plus an employee appreciation picnic to organize, PLUS a corporate presentation to work on this week. So.... no promises.

EDIT: Holy Crow! I didn't even notice that this was my 100th post! Darn it!

Well, I guess I'm doing something special for next week's 101st post!

So, I guess I have a week to figure out what to do!

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