Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brainstorming a New Brainy Story

I had a really wacky work schedule this past week, so I’m a bit mixed up on my days. This week crawled along and flew by at the same time. I honestly didn’t remember what I did which week before going back and reading last week’s post. Sheesh….

Well, thanks to my amazing beta, muse, and friend ChibiSunnie, I was able to narrow my Valentine’s Day contest ideas from about 30 all the way down to the one idea I’m going to use…and it’s not even one of my ideas. I’m writing one of hers.

As we were spitballing back and forth to figure out what I should write she had made a comment about Brainy fantasizing about being with Helga and have this cool daydream segment similar to ones Helga does about Arnold.

I loved this idea! She just made this comment in passing and it stuck with me. This is why I never reject ideas. Even if you don’t use something, it can still be enough of a seed of thought to sprout a brilliant idea!

So now I’m struggling to figure out what I want to do for the fantasy. I’ve been playing with the idea of an Indiana Jones-like story. Hubby thinks I should go with a more James Bond-like story. Chibi thinks that I could do a story where Brainy transitions between personas based on the situation he comes across. I guess I need to figure out the problem that Helga is going to come across so I know which persona Brainy would use to “save” her.

An example from The Big Bang Theory has Leonard block the only stairwell in the apartment building and a distressed Penny complains that she’s going to be late for work. Leonard won’t be able to remove the block on the stairwell fast enough to get her to work on time, so he opens up the broken elevator shaft, pulls her close, reassures her that she’ll be alright, and then carries her down to the ground floor by sliding down the elevator cable.

Along with figuring out which Brainy Persona I want to go with, as well as the trouble Helga finds herself in, I also want to finish up my chapter of What Is Truly Meant To Be in order to keep up with my new resolution of writing a chapter every month. With Script Frenzy in April and NaNo in November I’ll already be down two months, so I really want to make sure that January isn’t another lost month.

Then there’s also my beta reading for DarkAngel1326, Devious.Editor, Chopfe – if he gets back in to writing his story like he wants to – and now I also get to help out Chibi! She’s attempting another story since she did so well with her first one. She wants to do a story for Stinky and Lila, so I just sent her my notes on what she has so far. Am I going to have stiff competition against her again? :-D

On top of everything else, however, I do have the “fun” of repacking up my house since Hubby and I are moving in to a new apartment as of February 1st. I HATE packing. Unpacking isn’t so bad since you have blank spaces to fill, but to take an unorganized house and to try to organize it in to boxes so like items are together for unpacking…. Gah, I HATE it.

Oh well, I guess I’m off to try to figure out at least one of my two stories…

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