Monday, April 2, 2012

Quickly Sneaking Another In...

Well, I'm full of fail!
I MEANT to have my latest chapter up so I could fully focus on Script Frenzy without postponing my chapter update until May.
HOWEVER, I've had unexpected visitors last week, and the orientation for my new job ran an extra two hours long! Therefore, spending a full workday inside on Saturday instead of scrambling to use that last day to push through and publish my story.
After orientation, I came home and went straight in to character creation for a D&D campaign my hubby's BFF is starting up. I'm going to be mad busy with Script Frenzy, but I also haven't played D&D in YEARS so I'm excited to do so again! YAY!
Anyway, failing commenced and I didn't get the newest chapter up yet. Surprise, surprise... But I REFUSE to have my readers wait ANOTHER MONTH for my chapter! So I'm determined to work on BOTH Script Frenzy and my chapter!

All while finally starting up work again and therefore learning how to work a part-time job, keep the house, and write all at the same time! Sheesh!

Anyway, if DarkAngel1326 can write with HER crazy schedule, and if ChibiSunnie can edit for me with HER crazy schedule, I guess I can make this work!

As a show of faith, and as a way to sort of force me to follow through, I posted an Author's Note chapter for my story as a placeholder. I know, FanFiction doesn't allow that sort of thing, but I saw another author write one to let her fans know that she's working through writer's block, so why couldn't I do the same as a placeholder? If nothing else, it gets me to write the chapter all the faster so I can go back and replace the A/N chapter before I get in trouble!

Crazy chaos commences! Now to hurry back to my work before DarkAngel pokes me for not writing! LOL!
P.S. - I didn't like the Calligraffiti font I used last week, so I changed it up again. My normal Corsiva is still the title font, but the body is now in Coming Soon. It still sort of looks hand-written, but without the script-like italics... thoughts? P.P.S. - If you didn't find this on April 2nd perhaps it's because you didn't sign up for the notifications? As far as I know it doesn't spam your mailbox, so feel free to sign up for the email notifications, RSS feed, or follow via Blogger... or go to my Facebook Page!


  1. It'sLikeWe'reRelatedApril 10, 2012 at 1:51 AM

    I dig the new font -- way easier to read!

    Good luck with script frenzy!

    1. Thanks, you've been my only vote on the matter, so unless others chime in otherwise, I think you're looking at my new font format. :D