Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Last Go Before April! *Tear*

Well, no comments yet on the "New Font vs Corsiva" debate. This week I'm trying out Caligraffitti and Corsiva is the font of the blog title, so you can get a reminder of what the original blog font is. However, I think Caligraffitti might be harder than Corsiva to read. Any thoughts?

As for writing, well, I finally got over that stupid head cold that had me laid up for most of last week! Monday was spent in a cleaning storm to make up for the week-long house neglect. Then it was spent playing the Heroscape RPG my hubby came up with. There was also some kidnapping of Hubby's best friend involved. Tuesday brought a beautiful, lightly cool breeze that reminded me of mornings at Cape Cod. The sun shone. I wore a T-shirt. Did I spend this gorgeous day outside writing? Of course not! I couldn't find my sunscreen, so I instead spent the day with the windows open and playing Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and pretending the breeze from outside was the breeze coming off the Waterworld-like environment Link sails through.

Then came Wednesday! Wednesday brought the temptation to again sail Link around the Wind Waker map, but it was instead spent, drum roll please... WRITING! YAY!

I have been a bit frustrated with my chapter, and even more upset that it will be nearly a YEAR since I last updated! Seriously!? A year!? And what's worse is that I need to get this baby done by March 31st since I'll be again on hiatus over April while I work on my script.

I needed motivation, hard core. I needed someone who would poke me and say "where's the chapter?" I needed someone to help me work through the kinks that make me look at this chapter and go "meeh". I needed a Beta.

So Monday - while taking a quick cleaning break - I sent the first half of my chapter to ChibiSunnie. Even with her crazy-hectic schedule she's already sent me some edits. Which of course reminded me that I had three stories I need to beta-read for: CartoonLover16, DarkAngel1326, and Devious.Editor

Anyway, once I had those edits back out on their way it was time to finally get back down to business with my own story. Man, I love how much Chibi helps me out. She doesn't even really need to say anything anymore and I become inspired!


Which reminds me. Like she hasn't already helped me get back in to loving to write this latest chapter... She also finished up her first picture in a series of fanart for my story!!!! She's planning on making a picture for each chapter. She seems a bit upset that her schedule won't allow her to make the pictures all that quickly, but GIRL, it kept me a YEAR to update! So don't fret over two months. You'll catch up in no time.

Without further ado. Chibi's picture for the first chapter:

*Happy Dance* Dude, I am SO pumped right now! *Runs off to work some more*

... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...

*Pokes head back in* Whoops, forgot, I have more to tell you!

I snagged something from the blog StoryFix. The blogger Larry Brooks had a series written up for National Novel Writing Month and I decided that A) this could really help with my fanfiction and B) I could totally use these tips for Script Frenzy. So I glanced through it and then supplemented with two more posts: The Three Dimensions of Character Development and The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool.... I then supplemented the supplements with a blog post from Procrastinating Writers. The blogger Jennifer Blanchard created an actual questionnaire-like check list derived from Larry Brooks' book about the Three Dimensions of Character. I tried out the check list by using the one character who has become like a secondary personality to me: my Dungeons & Dragons character Amara. I was able to fill the whole thing easily! So next up was filling one out for all eight main characters for the Script Frenzy concept! *sigh* I have THAT to do as well as filling out the questionnaire presented in "The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool..." and finish this blasted fanfiction chapter! This is going to be a hectic seven-day run before Script Frenzy starts up next week!

Which brings me to a bit of sad news. If any of you followed me last April, you know that I try to avoid the distractions of the internet throughout April. This also means I spend all my writing free time working on my script - especially since I think Mondays will still be used for Heroscape RPG, and so that's one less day I have to write. On the plus side, I'll get more material for my script every week, so hopefully there won't be any cases of Writer's Block. I'm also FINALLY finishing up my stint of unemployment, so I'll have even LESS free time to write than I already do. All of this brings me to my sad announcement: I won't be doing my regular updating on Sundays starting next week. I HAVE to concentrate on writing the script as well as the normal household chores.

That isn't to say that there will be NO updates in April. I might sneak a mid-month post in to let everyone know my progress. I'm just saying, don't count on the weekly updates until May comes around. Kinda sucks too, now that I finally have a rhythm going. So, farewell, my beloved readers, until May 6th swings around. And don't forget to either follow me via blogger, sign up for the RSS, or sign up for email alerts so that you don't miss any random April postings! Alternatively, you can check out my facebook page. I post update announcements there too.

I love you all and shall miss you! It's gonna be a long 30 days! On the plus side, you should have a 20 page chapter to keep you warm and snuggly while I'm gone.

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