Monday, February 13, 2012

Giants Win the Super Bowl and I am Super Screwed...

Hey, imagine that, I'm posting my blog late... again... In all fairness, I had every intention of updating yesterday at noon...but I was in the process of passing out right about then.
For those who don't know, my husband works normal hours the rest of the week, but on Sundays he is given the Overnight shift. Since we have only one car, I drop him off at one in the morning and then pick him up again at ten. This usually results in me needing to drink coffee so I'm awake enough to drive at one o'clock, and therefore I am not capable of sleeping while he's at work.
This also results in me going in to a writing frenzy for about eight hours! YAY! I'm not sure why I can't be productive unless I'm hyped up on caffeine at two in the morning, but I guess it's marginally helpful. I just wish I was equally creative at a less ungodly hour.

So anyway, the blog!

I was passing out at noon, set the alarm for two o'clock, and then hit the snooze for two more hours since I still couldn't keep my eyes open. Now disappointed in myself for not having the blog updated at noon like intended, I got right on starting it. And then my stomach growled. Made the mistake of going downstairs to get something to eat. Our downstairs is one large open area with only small sections of walls separating the dining room, living room, and kitchen. So while downstairs you can hear everything going on in the other rooms.

My husband vegges on Sundays - as he's entitled to after that Overnight shift. However, this typically means leaving the TV on TBS all day. And dammit! TBS actually had good movies on yesterday. I got suckered in! I attempted to at least blog over the commercials, but still didn't get too far. Then my husband started playing a loud computer game on his laptop. So now I had TV on in front of me, and a loud computer game on a laptop right next to me. Total sensory overload... I couldn't put a comprehensible sentence together if I tried. By the time Animation Domination came on Fox I knew I was done. I had been attempting - and failing - to blog for five hours and barely had anything written.

Thus, the post being nearly 24hours late.

Which super sucks! I meant to write out a simple blog update in about an hour at most and then spend the rest of the day in writing-frenzy mode. *sigh* Well, at least I had that eight hour writing frenzy first thing in the morning.

I'm a little less than half way done with my next chapter. The thing really is a beast! Not even half way done and it's already eight pages long. This is clearly going to be the longest chapter I've written so I hope this makes up for the super-extended hiatus.

My issue, however, is that I also promised ChibiSunnie that I would write her a Valentine's Day story to make up for not making her something for Christmas. :D Well, I've been attempting to tag team both stories, but I was having perspective issues for the Valentine's Day story and that created massive Writer's Block.

I talked things over with Chibi - which helped a lot, but I still felt like I needed a male's perspective. I put a call out on facebook and had three guys offer to help. The two guys I actually know in real life didn't help too much. However, a guy from the Hey Arnold! group did help me figure out what I needed. So, thank you, Solace Of Songs. Getting another perspective really is helpful when it comes to breaking down Writer's Block.

Now, unfortunately, this breakthrough didn't happen until Thursday. I then attempted to track down episodes of Hey Arnold! so I could really get the voices of the characters in my head. Only to then be super bummed to discover that I'm missing two of my season box sets! I'm a proud owner of four out of the five seasons, and I was only able to find two of the DVD collections... Blarg!!!! And I guess Nickelodeon/Viacom has gotten pretty hardcore about taking the episodes off of YouTube, since there aren't really any there. Thankfully, I was still able to watch School Play, and that was really all I needed.

So the next chapter of my fanfic is on hold at least until the end of this week. I need to get cracking in order to get this fluff-piece done by Valentine's Day. However, that's the secondary issue with my blog post being postponed until today. As I already said, I had every intention of writing a quick post yesterday, and then spend the rest of the day working on the one shot. The fact that I spent the whole day watching TV super killed me. I now only have today to write this thing, so I'm keeping myself cooped up in my bedroom so my husband's TV watching or video/computer game playing doesn't distract me. Here's hoping for another frenzy like I had yesterday morning.

As for this one shot, well, I sure hope Chibi likes it! The character I had the Writer's Block about is now flowing freely, and it is so much fun writing his perspective! Ironically, the character I thought I'd have no problem writing about is now the one giving me trouble. So I'm writing the story a little unconventionally. I'm starting with everything in the guy's perspective, and then I'll go back and splice in the girl's perspective. Hopefully by the time I have the guy's POV finished I'll have a breakthrough.

On the plus side of everything, this one shot is a beast as well. I'm like, super writing! So, it may be seven months between posts, but when I publish a new story at least you are contently reading for like a half-hour.

Another bonus for you guys. I like to post extended Author's Notes here, so when I post the Valentine's Day story tomorrow I might have ANOTHER blog update as well! So check that out tomorrow or Wednesday! Whoot!

Before I leave, I want to give a quick Shout Out to my darling DarkAngel1326. I spent Saturday doing what she calls a "Writers' Conference" and what I call a "Sounding Board". Basically, writers talk through their Writer's Block. The author throws out ideas he or she is thinking of, and the other writer(s) will give input, or advice, or play the Devil's Advocate in order to make sure the new idea won't cause plotholes. You can also use these Conferences when you have NO CLUE what to write next. The author will explain why he/she is stuck and the other writer(s) can then throw out ideas of where to go. It's a great use of "two heads are better than one". It's basically what I was doing when I put the call out on Facebook for a guy's perspective.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up - aside from giving advice to writers who are stuck as well as further explain what I've been doing all week - is to state that the poor girl is nervous. She recently posted her second chapter to Keep Love in Your Heart, and it is NOT a popular ending to the chapter. Trust me when I say that it is a unique take that not many writers would be willing to do - due to the unpopularity of the key element. Also, trust me when I say the story will be GOOD and will be WORTH IT! So please, give the girl some love!

She also recently posted a story that I've personally read about six times. Check that one out too!

She's also keeping a similar Writer's Blog on her DeviantArt account. CHECK HER OUT, CHECK HER OUT, CHECK HER OUT!!!! :D

Well, I super need to get back to work on my story if it's ever going to be posted tomorrow!
Bye--- Oh wait... Coach Wittenberg has something to add real quick... Coach?

"Well, kids, it seems that the New York Giants have again beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Four years later, for the second time, repetitively. And that's great! Because the number one thing is winning! Well, maybe my wife Trish. No, definitely winning, and THEN Trish. Well, maybe winning, then Air Hockey, and THEN Trish. It's close. Trish, winning, air hockey... It's close!"

Um.... Thanks for that, Coach. Why don't you sort that out while I say goodbye...

So yeah! My Giants won the Super Bowl and I'm on a writing frenzy! February is looking good! :D

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