Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Husband In the World and Some Interesting Stats

So, have I mentioned before that I have the bestest husband EVER!? Well, I do! Very much so!

As I’ve stated in the last couple posts, back at Christmas I was gifted a picture from ChibiSunnie.
Isn’t it just adorable!? Well, I felt so bad that she was such a good friend since our Script Frenzy co-op in April, and SHE thought to do something for me… and I didn’t even think to do something for her. How horrible of me, right? So I told her that her belated Christmas gift would be any Valentine’s Day story she wanted, as long as it was still Hey Arnold! related. She decided that no one ever really gives her favorite character Eugene some love. So she requested that I rewrite the episode “Married” but focusing on Eugene and Sheena’s POVs instead of Arnold and Helga.

I’ve also stated recently, that I sort of hit a brick wall with her request because I know how fake a guy’s perspective can feel when written by a woman. I couldn’t really wrap my mind around what would be going through Eugene’s head during this story. So I talked with Chibi, then with Solace of Songs, and my Writer’s Block cleared up.

My problem this time is that the flood gates were now opened when it came to Eugene, and the story – much like my latest chapter – has become a BEAST! I mean, when I finished, the story was seventeen, single spaced pages using Calibri 11pt font. The dang thing is eleven THOUSAND words long! The dream sequences alone take up over three thousand words each.

Let’s put this in to perspective, shall we? Prior to this story, I have written three one-shots, one story that is currently up to six chapters, and last year’s Valentine’s day story with two chapters; totaling in eleven posts and about fifty-four thousand words. The shortest story I wrote was last year’s Valentine’s tale - the first chapter at least – which was about twenty-four-hundred words. The longest I’ve written was the chapter about Helga’s Sweet Sixteen party that had a little shy of nine thousand words. My average post size was shy of five thousand words. This means my most recent story is about twice the size of my average post and nineteen percent of my over-all word-count as a fanfiction author!

Okay, enough of that boring, statistics stuff! I’m sure you get how overwhelmed I am about how large this story ended up. Let’s get back to my opening statement: I HAVE THE BESTEST HUSBAND!

Clearly, he knew how much trouble I was having with my story, and how important it was for me to get it done by Valentine’s Day. So when I started yelling at myself for my slacking off last Sunday, he made sure to comfort me, telling me that he knew I would get it done in time. When I forced myself in to seclusion on Monday, he was perfectly fine with me vanishing all day. In fact, the man had the most PERFECT timing! Every time I stopped to take a meal break I would get as far as the bedroom door before he greeted me with a tray of food and a new drink. I never even let him know I was getting hungry, he just KNEW. How awesome is that? :D

Then, when I finally came downstairs to watch my Monday evening shows – and to take a break – he was alright with me staying up until one in the morning while he went to bed. Now, this is a man I just spent eight years in a long distance relationship with. One would think since we spent so much time apart that he’d be used to it. Actually, now that we’re finally together, he doesn’t like us being apart. As I stated in my last post, my downstairs is completely open, and yet he doesn’t even like one of us sitting on the couch in the living room and the other not even ten feet away on the computer. He’s so lovably clingy. :P Anyway, this means him being alone all of Monday is kind of a big deal.

Then while he was at work for four hours on Valentine’s day I SHOULD have used that time to work on my story, but instead I spent it getting the house and myself ready for the day, which now seems silly since I then spent the time he was home working on the story. It was Valentine’s day and I was still working on my fanfic until about eight at night! I kept apologizing for taking time away from our first Valentines as a married couple. He just kept telling me, “I know how important this story is to you. Don’t worry about it.” I mean, I could tell he really just wanted to spend the day with me, but he was just so supportive!

So yeah, super supportive even when it took away from our first Valentine’s Day together as newlyweds! Plus, the intuitiveness of knowing when I’d be hungry and having the food ready. I just totally have the bestest husband! Am I right?

And now I’m taking a short writing break to work on all the cleaning I’ve been neglecting while working on the one-shot gift for Chibi. I’ve also been ignoring Facebook over the past week. I’ve only hopped on long enough to post that I published the Valentine’s day story and where on DeviantArt and FanFiction they could find it. It’s kind of funny though. In the past I never announced my story updates on Facebook, and yet I think I had the lowest response to my story WITH these announcements. Contrary to my “advertising” this time, or the fact that there are only ten other stories written for Hey Arnold! this past week, my story seems to be “hard to find” as it were. Prior to posting For Whom the Bells Toll, the smallest response I had to a story debut was the twenty-six visitors and thirty-five hits I had for my third chapter of What Is Truly Meant to Be. I do have to say that even though fourteen visitors on Valentine’s day does clock my most recent post as the least-found debut, I think For Whom the Bells Toll is also my most reread story with thirty-six hits. Basically, either there are some super-zealous readers out there, or virtually every person who came to my story returned at a latter part of the day. I’ve also had great reviews of the story, and coming up on forty views on Deviant Art, so I’m not really sure how to gauge the response to this story, but I guess I’m still proud. I’m not sure if I’ll do any further announcements on Facebook, though. I seem to do better with readership without the “advertising”… LOL….

And normally this would be where I start up my extended Author’s Notes for my story, but this post is getting kinda long already, and it’s filled with so much gibberish I doubt anyone is still reading. So I guess I’ll just focus this blog post on my Uber-Awesome Hubby and the insane stats of my story.

The Extended Author’s Notes will be posted during the Sunday Update Day. Since I’ve been gradually writing this blog post over the past three days I’m sure I’ll do the same thing with the Author’s Notes. That being said, I SHOULD have the darn thing posted on time this week. So, sorry to all of you who stopped by last Sunday looking for an update and not finding one. I’m gonna try really hard to not have that happen so frequently anymore.

Until, Sunday! :D

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