Friday, November 18, 2011

Yeah, so much for THAT idea...

I don't think I'll make my Thanksgiving deadline for the next chapter of my story. What else is new, right? I never seem to meet my deadlines. I really need to focus more!!! Gaaah!

When I agreed to read Delaroux's story as a beta reader I did NOT anticipate her cranking out a new chapter almost daily! Damn, girl!!! I'm loving her story, don't get me wrong, but it does take up some time to read each chapter and send her my edit notes.

I'm also helping SJohnson911 with his story, and darkangel1326 with hers. Worst part is that I haven't actually had time to read SJohnson's....

It's fun to read them all and to help them. And yet, it's time consuming and it's keeping me from my own writing.

Also, my husband has this thing with quiet - he doesn't like it. He just cannot sit in a quiet room, which makes reading these betas even harder since I'm constantly distracted! I keep telling him that if he plays a video game or music it wouldn't be that distracting. But, instead he keeps the TV on almost 24/7!!!

I have this thing where I cannot ignore anything with a plot. Even if I can't stand it (*cough* House of Payne/Meet the Browns *cough*), if there is a plot to follow, I must do so. Same thing goes for any fan-made music video where the footage has subtitles. The subtitles may only be there because the editor couldn't find footage without the subtitles. The subtitles could mean NOTHING in relation to the music. And yet, the subtitles provide, even briefly, plot points. And so I will ignore the music video and how the footage relates to the music in favor of reading the subtitles and trying to figure out the plot.

It's a disease that I can't seem to cure!!!

On top of all that, my house is still a disaster! Partially because we're still unpacking from the move last month, and so we're tossing things out of boxes, putting them in smaller boxes, and leaving things all over the floor until we have more storage space available. Partially due to the time I'm reading fanfiction, looking at fanart, and discussing things on the Hey Arnold! facebook group instead of cleaning. Mostly due to the fact that the dishes are so piled up that I get discouraged just looking at them... which of COURSE helps me work on whittling down the pile. *rolls eyes*

My mom and sister are visiting for Thanksgiving on top of everything else. Which means I have today, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday to clean like CRAZY! Then, the family will be here Tuesday through Saturday morning - so unlikely I'll have time to write while I'm entertaining. And on top of that, I have the LARP tonight, so there goes like four hours of my day...

And so, my ability to write my next chapter before Thanksgiving fades away. And my husband's birthday is the first week of December. And his best friend moves the same week - so we're helping him since he helped us. And I have to still search for a new job. And get the car inspected and registered for the new state. And I have to get a license and license plates for this state. And I have to figure out Christmas shopping. And I haven't even STARTED on the Wedding Thank Yous (Which SUCKS since my bridal shower was in JULY!!!)

Damn, I have a lot to do. I gave up accepting anyone else to beta read for, and I might have to slow up on helping the three people I have. When will I have time to write!? Wheeeen!?

So sorry, reader. I'll try to get back in to the swing of things soon.

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