Saturday, October 22, 2011

Writing Hiatus Coming to a Close?

Wow.... I've been gone for a WHILE! The whole wedding planning thing just KILLED all writing free-time. I'm hoping to get some free-time soon though, so... YAY! ^_^

For any of my readers wondering why the hiatus lasted so long, I believe you deserve to know...

JUNE - I got the wedding invitations out (ridiculously late in the game, but it turned out alright). I spent a week out of state house hunting with my fiance. We started off attempting to look for apartments since we want to move again in about five years, but no one would even attempt to show us their apartments since we wouldn't be moving in until almost four months later. Next up was the three available houses for rent. One was basically a crack-house, another was way too expensive, and so we ended up with the first we looked at. I then spent the rest of the month figuring out wedding details, such as the florist and the reception decorations.

JULY - Work took over a lot as more employees dropped like flies. There was the Independence Day festivities - including my sister's car dying and so busing her around took up some time. My cousin got married. I had my birthday/surprise bridal shower (yay!) and my fiance visited for a week, and so no time for writing while we dealt with more wedding planning.

AUGUST - More work. More wedding planning - figuring out the last-minute details. My fiance's sister got married (long story, but in the end we're OK with her getting married only six weeks before we did - at least it's easy to remember their anniversary). And then the major chaos comes in! At the end of the month I discover that nearly everything we already had planned for the wedding fell apart! We weren't having normal suits/tuxedos for the groomsmen. Instead we were using Jacobite shirts. And I discovered that the shop I ordered them from (back in JUNE!) still didn't have the shirts - in fact, they never even ORDERED them! Turns out the color I wanted was no longer available and instead of contacting me to ask for a back-up color they just let the order drop! So I had a nearly month-long battle to get the shirts I needed. Next up, we had decided that one of the key components of our centerpieces would be sets of dice; however, my fiance discovered that getting the number of sets we needed would cost an exuberant amount. So I had to rethink what to do for the centerpieces! The craftsman I had be talking to for nearly a YEAR still didn't have our wedding rings ready! The company custom-designing our favors also didn't have the order done yet. And even more chaos was thrown at me... I did get two breaks, however, when my mom took me to a concert and my best friend took me to another one later that week.

SEPTEMBER - A month-long battle with my vendors. Trying to get a hold of them, arguing with them, trying desperately to get my products from them, and finding the money to PAY them! My fiance was supposed to come down to apply for the marriage licence, but couldn't make the drive due to the floodings brought on by Hurricane Irene. The next week nearly the same thing happened! I was getting nervous that he wouldn't be able to come down in time to get the marriage licence application filled out!!!! In the end, he managed to come down for a less-than 24-hour visit in order to get the legalities of the wedding sorted out. I ended up having to cancel a lot of other plans, however, since we had to work non-stop on the last-minute details. I then spent a day in New York City before hitting up yet another concert (I got a lot of them as birthday gifts this year!). All of the last-minute planning and the last couple of weeks before quitting my job just killed my free-time.

OCTOBER - And now we have this month! Well, we had the wedding go off without a hitch (well, a few hitches, but I was so mellow that day I didn't care at all!). Then it was a psuedo-honeymoon with the new husband. Basically, by day we would pack up my stuff for the move, and by night we would slink away to a hotel and enjoy being newlyweds. A lot of stress built up - again - as I feared that a) we wouldn't be able to pack everything in the limited time frame, and b) even if we did - it wouldn't all fit on the truck. Well, we got everything safely up to the new house, and my mom stuck around for almost a week to help organize the new place. However, now my life has been filled with the process of UNpacking, and organizing my new life up here. Not an easy task considering one of the key factors of moving up here was my fiance's social life. His friends ADORE me, and so his large social circle became mine as well. This is normally a good thing... but I can barely go a day without SOMEONE stopping by the house! And so any writing free-time is instead used to entertain unexpected guests. On top of all that, a large majority of this social circle are part of a LARPing group. And so I spent three straight days learning the rules of the game they're currently playing, as well as creating a character for it - and then playing in the game last night!

But now the LARP character is created, I more-or-less know what I'm doing, and they only play the game about once a month so the person in charge has time to bring in more players, create characters, and come up with a storyline.

I'm more-or-less done unpacking. I mean, there's still more to go, but it is now a slow process - basically unpacking just a box at a time until we can slowly raise money for more shelves and/or dressers.

The only other distraction is to finally get back on to the job-hunt. A lot of time will be killed as I look for job, and then more when I finally have one.

However, I do feel like I have the time to write - I mean, I had the hour to write this blog entry, so it's a start! Also, I've been mentally figuring out the next chapter for nearly a year now! Wow, to think that I started What is Truly Meant to Be: A Hey Arnold Musical over a year ago! It's a little embarrassing that I've only written six chapters in a year! Boy, am I a bad author! I'm hoping to pick up the pace this next year....

Anyway, as I was saying, I have a large portion of this chapter already figured out, and so I'm hoping to have the newest chapter FINALLY posted before Thanksgiving! YAY!

Thank you so much for sticking with me over this crazy hiatus.

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