Friday, October 28, 2011

Productively Procrastinating

OK, so I didn't really get very far with actually writing my next fanfic chapter. I've been distracted with homelife and whatnot.

However, I did outline the song that I'm using for the chapter, so I more-or-less know where I'm going with it. My big thing is figuring out when Arnold hits the breaking point where he HAS to see Helga again.

In the meantime, more and more Hey Arnold! fans are posting fanart up on the facebook group page. And more and more pictures are not only fanart of Hey Arnold!, but also fanart of HA! fanfiction. What's more, these artists don't seem to be drawing fanart for stories posted anywhere other than And so, this leads me to believe that more and more people are reading their fanfiction on instead of This isn't necessarily true for the whole populous, but it's what I'm starting to witness when it comes to the people I follow and know.

Therefore, I had decided to start posting my stories on as well as And so my continued hiatus has been due to me posting on the short stories and chapters that I already have up on

It's a slow process since I have to re-edit while I post - since it's different posting than on Also, I had to figure out how to post literature on in the first place. On top of that, I needed a preview pic, and since I title each chapter I decided my preview pic will be the name of the story. I will then name each deviation the chapter title. I did need that preview picture though.

I decided on using the blue, starburst background used during the end credits of each Hey Arnold! episode. Let me tell you, I couldn't really recreate the starburst, and so I decided to make screencaptures of the end credits, and then edit the staffers' names out. It wasn't that easy of a task, but it was easier than making the background from scratch. I also couldn't get the exact font that they used on Hey Arnold!, so I just used Comic Sans - which is close enough.

Anyway, I only have two chapters of What is Truly Meant to Be posted so far, but I'm off to post Chapter Three now.

Thank you for being so faithful, readers! I love you lots! ^_^

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