Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reading, Always Reading (and Some Writing...)

Sorry about being so late today. My internet has been really wonky lately. It kept me nearly five minutes just to load the page to type this.
Knives from the Scott Pilgrim comic books
by Bryan Lee O'Malley
On top of everything else, I've had a lot of personal drama again, of course. The long and the short of it is that I'm kinda hating people right now.

That doesn't matter, though. What matters is writing, and writing I have done!

Work was painfully slow, and so I used that time to do more writing. I've developed a bit more of my X-Future reboot world, but the big thing was to work on the challenge Phfylburt gave me a couple weeks ago.

As a refresher, the challenge, in a nutshell, was to write a scene in ONLY dialogue. I did this once before last year for my James Patterson MasterClass webinars. Just like with that try, I feel like I'm again a bit long-winded with four pages of dialogue, but I hope it's worth it to see the characterization. Plus, stealing from a parent may not always be as cut and dry as grabbing money from a sock drawer.

"The Great Heist"

Feel free to let me know what you think, as I hope you'd feel inclined to do with everything I write. Remember, I can't improve if no one points me in the direction I need to head.

I'm actually impressed with how much I actually like my characters of Caleb and Rebecca. I hope you guys fall at least a little in love with them too. It's been a while since I created characters I cared for like this. So, thanks, Phfyl, for having me meet them.

The rest of my week - when I wasn't writing or actually doing work - I was back to reading "Speaker for the Dead" for this month's book. I have 8 more days to finish, and I still have over 100 pages to read! I've been reading nearly non-stop for four days straight! Geez!

Although, I do have to say that Hubby was right, the book does take a bit, but it then sucks you in. You grow to love characters, and you wonder about the mystery undertone of the book. Why do the Piggies do what they do? What did Novinha discover? How are things going to end with Miro and Ouanda? Who is the Hive Queen talking to? There are more, but it would bring about spoilers, I think, if I were to list them.

So, I'm frantically bouncing between writing, my personal drama, and finishing this book in time! I don't know if I'll have anything to showcase next week due to this, but hopefully I'll at least be able to talk about the book.

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