Sunday, April 24, 2016

Achievement Unlocked: Adulthood

Woah. This week zipped by! I didn't even register that I missed my blog update. Sorry about that, guys. It's been a busy adult-filled week.
Friday a buddy came over to help me catch up with cleaning the house.... but proceeded to accidentally break our toilet. Saturday Goob took us out to a game and comic book store, and then to the Asian Market. It was so neat, and Sweet Potato Kit-Kats are now my new favorite thing! I did feel like I should have worn a sign that read "Tourist" though.... After the market I had to run back out to go clothes shopping so that I had something business-casual for an interview. Sadly, this is like a two-hour job for me.

Sunday was Hubby's overnight, and I had to cover for a co-worker, so I was also at work in the morning; not nearly as early as Hubby, but still. That flowed right into finishing up some cleaning and Game Day! I didn't have anything prepared for D&D aside from a brief list of interactions that would maybe take an hour or so. Instead, we tried out the new games we bought Saturday with the store credit Hubby got for trading in some Magic cards.

Monday was "Finally Get The Toilet Fixed" day, along with a few errands and some wedding planning with Spink. Tuesday was a fun-filled day of work, and then quick throwing myself together for the job interview, elation that I was given the job right after the interview, informing my current job of my two-weeks notice, and struggling to vote in the primaries. But the fact that I "struggled to vote" is a political thing I don't want to get into.....

Wednesday I was at work most of the day, had a few more errands to run, and then I was reminded that with the chaos of the weekend I never got around to the writing challenge that Phfylburt gave me for Sunday. The challenge? Write a rave review for a movie I can't stand. Well, I had to be completely honest. That wasn't going to happen. First of all, I don't really hate movies. Secondly, the few I do hate I either haven't seen them in over a decade, or I stopped watching before the movie was done. I couldn't really write any sort of a review, let alone a "rave" one, unless I rewatched one of these movies. Not happening. So, Hubby suggested I watch a movie I avoided because I ASSUMED I'd hate it. Alright. I was game.

So Hubby put on "The Interview" - which is still on Netflix, thanks, Netflix! - and I was actually surprised. It's not going to be a go-to movie for me, but it was a LOT better than I anticipated. So, I was able to find some legit high points, and used those for my review. Although, it did pain me to purposely leave out the low points of the movie....

Phfyl seemed impressed, but he also wants to go back over with a fine-toothed comb in order to give me a better analysis. Eh, anything to help me improve, I guess.

His next challenge? Write the next paragraph to the last book I read. It's an interesting challenge, but always stumps me. The book ended. The author felt it hit its conclusion. I have to now be like "Nope. Just one more paragraph. And then it will be done, for realsies." I guess it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy to do....

Anyway, back to my whirlwind week. Thursday - when I SHOULD have posted this update - started with a doctor's visit I have been avoiding for FAR too long. Turns out there was nothing for me to be nervous about, so YAY! I then had to race home and chug water so I was ready for my first ever urine test. Joy..... It was for a mandatory pre-employment drug-screening test. And the nurse/lab tech had NO humor. Thursday then chugged right along with Hubby and me doing grocery shopping as soon as I got home, which was interrupted by my current job's HR rep personally handing me a store gift-card as a reward for hitting a certain level with the wellness position. To clarify, everyone in charge of wellness that hit that level got the same reward, so I didn't just get free money for being awesome or whatever. Still, I was the only one out the 14 stores this HR rep was in charge of for the second year in a row, so that was cool. It also may have prompted the rep to both wish me good luck on the new job, and practically beg me to not leave. That was a nice feeling. Plus, ya know, FREE MONEY for groceries! We went on a splurge which meant grocery shopping kept nearly 2hrs. Finish the day off with laundry, and absentmindedly forgetting that a blog post needed to be written.
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Friday was more work, a quick house invasion by Quarthix and his fiance, and then when the two of them and Hubby ran off to Friday Night Magic, I ran off to do more clothes shopping so I had an appropriate wardrobe for my new job. That took close to three hours this time. I'm so good at this.

Once home again, I balanced my checkbook, contacted David's Bridal to let them know I wasn't going to make the 7-day cut off to pick up the bridesmaid gown that arrived - that was an ordeal - and spent a little bit of time with Spink when she dropped off a few more bridal party dresses for me to store.

Yesterday was work and then out with friends all day, concluding with Ronoxym and Cyhyr hanging out with us at our house until pretty late. Then crashing for a few hours before Hubby's overnight shift.

Which finally brings me to today. Chaos has followed me all week. The only thing I have written - aside from maybe a post or two over on X-Future - was that "rave review" challenge from Phfyl. I haven't even figured out anything for today's D&D session. Soooo, that will be interesting....

Also, with the new job I will now be at work for close to twelve hours on Thursdays, so I will once again be shifting my weekly update day. No clue what I'll be shifting it to, but I'll be sure to let you know before it officially happens. Keep an eye out for that.

I really wanted to find something to talk about today to make up for missing Thursday, but truthfully, I just don't have anything. There was no writing. No brainstorming. No vague intention to focus on such-and-such story. This past week has purely been focused on this new job and all the other adulting stuff that came with it.

I didn't even focus on my Script Frenzy project at all. Haven't chosen a book yet this month, let alone read one. Creatively, this month has been a bit of a wash. How is it going by faster than February!?

So sorry, folks. I wish I had more for ya. I do have the challenge Phfyl gave me, along with the writing prompt for the local group: if your main character were to write you a letter, what would it say? I'm not entirely sure I can actually do the local group prompt since I don't have a story I'm focusing on, let alone a main character, but I could possibly have the challenge from Phfyl done for this Thursday......

My life will be non-stop chaos for the next 14 days or so, which will make being creative interesting. But, we'll give it a shot. Until then, my apologies once more for zoning out this week.

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