Thursday, February 25, 2016

Because You're Not You When You Aren't Writing

Honestly? I got nothing.

I managed to finish my chapter on Saturday. Finished at about 4300 words. Unintentionally called it a week by not even bothering to write on Sunday. I probably could have, too. Quarthix and his fiance were over to character create for my upcoming first attempt at DMing a D&D campaign. One would THINK that would mean I'd be busy. However, I STILL don't know the game well enough to help answer questions without looking at the books myself. I could flip to exactly where in the book they can find the answer, but I don't know off the top of my head. So hubby was the one mostly helping those two build characters while building one himself.


I sat in the same room and watched the movie "John Carter" on TBS. So productive.

Anyway, my point is that Sunday was a bit of a writing wash, as was the rest of the week.

Between frantic cleaning and other such chores, doctors appointments, added work shifts, nursing my sick husband, filing taxes FINALLY, exercising - yup, just started that back up again; good timing - and an impromptu 4hr visit with Spink on Monday, I have no clue where this week went.

I attempted to write on Tuesday. Spent two separate hours on it. However, I had hit the point where I no longer had the posts from the forum pre-set for me to write. I also didn't realize that while my spreadsheet of the forum threads was extensive, it wasn't close to complete. So, I spent those two hours filling out more of the spreadsheet, and reading the posts.

I had written the last chapter to set up the next thing Hubby and I role played: Chayse helping Lia learn to control her transformation so she didn't burn through clothing. I hadn't read that segment in years. Had I done so I might have skipped over that entire closing segment of the chapter, because the training, while important for Lia's character, is very short and not the most entertaining.

So I'm trying to see if there are other such short, not entertaining enough for its own chapter, but crucial character development bits that I could mush together into one chapter. I THINK I have a few figured out, I just need to finish mapping everything. I'm stumped as to when I'll get any writing time this week, though.

Today I'll be at work until about 5pm, and so in theory I can probably get started today. Monday's are normally my big writing day since I'm usually off. This Monday, however, had the impromptu get-together with Spink, along with the exercising, frantic cleaning, laundry - in which I ended up spending the entire isolated time chatting with an old friend instead of writing - and some husband nursing.

Tomorrow would be my other big writing day most weeks. Hubby would go off to Friday Night Magic, a weekly gaming event in which gaming stores host tournaments for Magic: The Gathering. Since I don't play Magic, I use those quiet hours alone at home to write.

However, Hubby's fairly sick, and so I doubt he's going anywhere. He wouldn't be going to FNM this week anyway since he's not a fan of the style of play they're showcasing this week; there are multiple "versions" of Magic that get rotated through the schedule. Since Quarthix and his fiance aren't really into this week's FNM as well, there's a strong possibility we're turning tomorrow night into a Movie Night. Spink and her fiance may join in as well.

Otherwise, Spink and her man are possibly crashing my place for THEIR character creation for the D&D campaign. A campaign I still don't have a plot or adventure for. So I need to work on that in time for Sunday.

Saturday is another possibility for writing since I only work until noon. I'll still need to figure out the D&D campaign for Sunday, though, and I don't want to fall too far behind on my chores again. Not after the frantic cleaning I've done this past week. I'm really hoping to fit writing in on Saturday regardless. This not writing thing is just stressing me out.

Sunday would be my last-ditch effort to write. Hubby would be at work on the overnight. I would have difficulties going back to sleep, but I wouldn't want to stay out of bed to do things like clean. That way I can just pass out if sleep finally hits me.

It normally doesn't though. At least not for two or three hours. Sometimes as many as five. It's a decent writing chunk.

Not getting that this week though. This week has been such a crap-shoot for writing! They're down a guy at work, and since I'd be awake at 3am anyway to drop Hubby off at work, they are having me come in and help on the overnight shift. There goes the last of my quiet down-time.

Once that shift is over Hubby and I are going to crash, wake up, play D&D with Quarthix and his fiance, she's going to go to work, Quarthix might linger for a bit to hang, and once he finally leaves who knows if I'll still be alert enough to write. I could try.....
Knives from the Scott Pilgrim comics
by Bryan Lee O'Malley
I just can't get my head on straight with this writing thing. Everything else in my life seems to need immediate attention this week, and so writing gets pushed to the side. I wouldn't even be able to get my Book of the Month done if I hadn't started reading on my work breaks. I could go back to writing during them instead, since Hubby helped fix my netbook for travel. But I barely have enough time to boot up my computer, wrap my head around what I want to type, and get it on the screen before my break is done. Reading is simple. Flip open the book and go. Plus, I have a free hand to still eat and drink on my breaks when I'm holding a book. Not so much when I'm trying to type.

It's a good arrangement: read on work breaks. Makes sure that I read nearly every day, and helps me get through the reading challenge. I just wish I could equally find the time to write. This past week I've been either in the middle of something important, middle of eating - because I lost track of time, or still at work when my daily writing hour alarm went off. Even when I have time scheduled I STILL can't seem to find the time to write.

It's a downward spiral. I get frantically busy and can't write. So I'm cranky the next day because I didn't write. I get so cranky that I can't think straight, and end up not getting writing done a second day. Then I get REALLY cranky about missing two days in a row, which usually bums me out so much I don't even ATTEMPT on the third day. At this point I'm pissed at myself for not being productive at all during the week, which only makes my new-found writing depression worse. I get pissed that my chain of "no zero" days is shattered. I'm cranky in everything I do throughout the day because I'm doing that instead of writing. It's just bad.

Further proof that I'm supposed to be a writer? Reactions like this! When I'm a worse person when I don't write, and a happier person when I do. THAT'S how I know I'm supposed to write.

Anyway, enough complaining about how unproductive I've been this week. I actually have a couple hours left before work today, and so I'm going to try yet again to get SOMETHING on paper.

In the meantime, here's last week's chapter:

"More Than Meets the Eye"

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