Thursday, December 3, 2015

Short And Sweet - Post-Thanksgiving "Meh"

As predicted, I couldn't find time to just sit and write over this past holiday week. How was yours, by the way?

Thanksgiving itself, Hubby and I did a small meal with two of our friends. Friday was the drive to my mom's, and then a visit from my bestie and godson that turned into an over-nighter. Saturday was more time with them before going to the extended family Thanksgiving. Spent the rest of the day socializing with the fam. Sunday was some more time with an uncle and cousin from across the country - they spent the night - before they left to fly home. Then football!

I was planning on doing some writing, but I was getting too easily distracted. Besides, we were supposed to put up my mom's Christmas tree; sadly, we neglected to. Monday was a last hurrah with the family, and their early celebration of Hubby's birthday. Then the drive home before more football.

Tuesday was errand-running-day. Quick restock of things we let wind down due to us being gone for half the week. Hitting up the DMV. Researching health insurance for 2016. Paying bills. Boring adult stuff like that. It must have been enough to tire us out, because every attempt I made to write anything my eyes would glaze over. So, Tuesday was a wash.

Then there's yesterday. Hubby's birthday. So the day was pretty much all about him. I'm fine with that, but it also meant I didn't step away to do things like the dishes or my writing.

The funny thing is, I had something I wanted to write! I had it in my head since Monday morning. Sadly, not as vividly now, but I'm hoping I can get it decently enough when I finally crack down and write it. Preferably today after I'm done with this update.

It's not something I can really share because I'm aiming for it to show up in Please, Let Me Explain. Thing is, I haven't even had the moment to type up an email to Ronoxym to let him know what I'm thinking. For all I know, he might reject the idea. Perfectly fine, he doesn't have to accept everything I come up with. If this ends up being rejected, it might end up in X-Future: Snippets; something I haven't updated in like a year. If that happens, I'll be sure to let you guys know, and drop the link for you to see it.

With any luck, I'll find time to work on a writing prompt for the next writing group meeting on Tuesday as well. Something to share with the group. If I manage that, then I'll definitely have something to share with you next week, maybe two things! Yay!

Trick is I'm still going to try to go through at least some of DFL's story and have some notes for her this meeting as well. Golly, I'm going to be busy! Especially considering I'll be setting Saturday aside for Spink's birthday! Hectic week....

Now, I don't want to really say too much about my idea for PLME, because it will give some spoilers to the story, but I was thinking of adding a new character. We'll see how Ron feels about that decision.

At the same time, it occurred to me that I really DON'T know my characters as much as I thought I did, aside from Amara. See, while I know their flaws, I don't know what they see as their flaws. What they see in the mirror when their confidence is lacking. What is it that they hate themselves for? What about them would make them think the world wouldn't miss them being gone? In the darkest parts of them, what are they hiding? It's those hard-hitting questions that I need to figure out for all of them. It's not enough to know their hopes, dreams, goals, etc. What would they give the world up for? I also need to know what would cause them to give themselves up for the world. Where their "rock bottom" is. So, I have some character soul-searching to do.

Well. Considering how freakishly long all my other blog posts tend to be, without any real writing advancement to talk about, I'm fairly brief. So, I'm going to use the rest of my free time to attempt to write something. Catch you guys next week!

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