Friday, October 17, 2014

Now Trying to Restart Ronoxym's Passion

Alright. How did I screw up THIS badly this week!? I've done it before in which Wednesday has snuck up on me, but not like this. I was at my netbook. I was working on a blog so that I could schedule it to go up for my Wednesday noon update while I was at work. I was stumped on what to write, and so I gave up and decided to just put up the "Temp Post" for the noon update; I'll just post a late update after I was done with work. I then click on the date to schedule for the update and THAT was when it hit me. Nearly 10pm, and THAT was when I went "Wait... Wednesday is the 15th... isn't TODAY the 15th- Oh shoot!"

I'm so good at this.

I was going to make up for it yesterday, but I only had a few hours between my first-thing-in-the-morning shift ending and Hubby's out-until-late-at-night shift started. I spent the time with him while I could; figuring I'd write the blog while he was at work. I then somehow managed to lose five hours of my life, and I'm not entirely sure how....

Like I said, I'm so good at this....

The worst part is that I did actually plan to write my post Tuesday evening so that I could schedule it for the Wednesday update - exactly what I was doing Wednesday. I just happened to be a day late somehow.

Monday evening I closed at work; something I haven't done in a while and used to only do on Sundays. I think that just started my screw up this week. I've been a day behind all week, and it may have stemmed from there.

Then Tuesday was just hell. I was sick. I was in pain. I was dehydrated. I was exhausted. I was run ragged at work. I was at my breaking point. I zipped home and just spent the rest of the day job searching instead of writing.

Wednesday's workday was worlds better, but between work, going to the laundromat, figuring out food, and the shows we just started watching on Wednesday - another thing that threw me off; having a solid 8pm-11pm TV block on a day of a week we normally NEVER had anything to watch - I just lost track of the time, and the day of the week.

However, I was trying to work on a post on-and-off all day. I ended up with a nice one for NEXT week though. One that sets up NaNo really well, in my opinion, which is why I'm holding off on it and allowing this blog post to be two days late in the meantime.

My old high school friend - I believe I introduced you to her before under the name Stargazer - had posted an article in the Struggling Writers Society Facebook group. It was a thought-provoking article that resulted in me essay writing my reaction to it. So that's what I did on Monday....

Anyway, at ChibiSunnie's suggestion, I decided to turn my essay in to next week's blog update; resulting in me still needing one for THIS week.

I've been sort of dragging my feet simply because I wasn't entirely sure what to talk about next. I have about three things I could go in detail with. Which, in and of itself, is kind of awesome.

Why not just start at the top though: what I did in September; while I was posting about procrastination articles instead of my writing progress. While I haven't really done terribly too much beyond the character revamping that I talked about last week, back in September I did discover something that I hope will soon mean very good things.

Ronoxym had found a new job that would pay him enough that he could drop the other two jobs he had - either that, or he was promoted at the one job and so he could drop the second one; I've lost track of all the jobs he's worked at. Point is, instead of having to drag through two full shifts nearly every day all week long, he now has a steady 40hr work week. This means he shouldn't be exhausted from non-stop work all the time. Now, this is fantastic news for him, and I wish to give him the proper congrats on finally reaching a point of being financially stable without needing to be a work horse. However, how is this good news for me as well?

It may be hard to remember since he hasn't done anything since April or May, and so I haven't really talked about it since then, but I was writing a collab story with Ron. A tale he started about Devon and Willow interacting. I sort of hijacked the project and it turned in to a collaborative effort. We both seemed very excited about it. I updated almost instantly after discovering that Ron did. Even Ron's fiance Cyhyr was excited about this project because it meant Ron was steadily writing; and sticking to just one project that he was passionate about, instead of letting his writing ADD kick in.

We were chugging along nicely between January and March, and then he started petering off. I couldn't really take the reins because I had no clue where he was planning on going with this story; I was just there to tweak and add more detail to it. It was totally his baby still. So, sadly, when work became too tiring for him he stopped updating the story, and I was stuck in writing Limbo.

I'm really REALLY hoping that now that he's been down to just one job for a few weeks this means that he'll be able to get accustomed to his new schedule enough to find time to write again. At the very least I want to know how this story ends. If no one else but me knows, then whatever. If he just verbally tells me where he was headed with it and I end up finishing the thing works too. I just want it completed!

The main problem though is getting him passionate about this story again. He lost all steam with what he was doing. Plus, it was originally a 6pg or so snippet he used to try to figure out how to best play Devon in the upcoming scenes. Very much like what I do with X-Future: Snippets. I sort of killed that for the poor guy by completely changing where he was going with the story.... whoops. Now - months later, both in real life and in game - the whole point of his story has long past. The concept of trying to figure out how Devon and Willow would interact with each other is beyond a moot point at this juncture. Without the need to figure out that dynamic, I'm not sure I can get him to have the drive to start up the story again. Which saddens me.

It WOULD be a good scene for the X-Future reboot, however. Perhaps I can convince him to get back on to the project that way... a scene to store away for the reboot. Sure, this particular scene may not make a public appearance in comic-form for a few years yet, but it's something. Right?

Anyway, in the meantime I've been going back through the shared file ONE MORE TIME to try to edit out all the nitpicky stuff. I'm also kind of hoping that when he gets the notifications in his email about the "updates" I've done - editing, yay - it will drive him to go through and re-read what we have so far. Perhaps by the time he gets to the end he'll be re-inspired and I'll have something new to read.

Baby steps though. Maybe the first goal is to try to have Cyhyr help me convince Ron to start up his blog again...

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