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Writing Recap and Original Stories

I told you guys I was working on this at the same time as the last post! So... hope you enjoy this Double Post Day!

So, this post will be solely about what I've done writing wise in the past two weeks. What exactly I did during my hiatus that wasn't cleaning, crocheting, sewing, or celebrating birthdays.

Well....In regards to writing, I haven't really done much since April hit. Yup, that means another year where I'm not working on Script Frenzy...
Maybe next year....
Anyway, let's backtrack to my March 26th post. I was excited about the new local writing group that I started. I wanted to hit my first week goal of having at least one prose written, and I actually got two done as well as re-worked a third. I was all set for Friday's Skype meeting.

Sadly, Cyhyr wasn't feeling well that night, and so we rushed through her stuff so she could go to bed. Next up was Ronoxym about his newest project. True, he sort of failed his goal of "continuing a Work in Progress before starting a new one" but he stuck with the project he started up during our in-person meeting the week before. That sort of counts, right? Anyway, he has a large cast to his story and he went through all of his characters; well, most of them at least. Once he hit that hour-mark of talking about his story, his characters, and getting feedback it was time to move on to someone else. Omnibladestrike went next. He too has a large cast of characters and he went in to great detail about a lot of them - he's been working on this story and these characters for over a decade by now. He went on for about an hour as well and it was starting to get late.

I never got a chance to talk about my stuff aside from quick insights while giving feedback to Ron and Omni...

I was so excited about my myths and wanted some sort of feedback to see if they seemed alright before posting. Well, Hubby ended up reading them while I was at work that Saturday, gave me few minor notes, and the next day they were posted.

Yup, if I was able to write a blog post on time March 30th I would have had those three tales ready for you all to read. I commented on Facebook that I had them posted, and in the two weeks they've been up I haven't had many reads. Maybe I'll get more via you: my faithful readers.

Anyway, the whole concept of my tales started with me trying to figure out how Amara's world fit with the world Gyateara that I created for my NaNo story a few years back. The two tales were in different countries and most likely on different continents, so the fact that the two had completely different pantheons wasn't that hard to grasp. Think of all the different religions we have in our world; most of them regional and then spreading out with human migration. The trick with Gyateara though is that the gods aren't part of religion per se; they are actual beings and the inhabitants have proof that they exist.

If the citizens have proof that the gods exist then why don't they all worship/believe in the same mass of gods? Why do the humans in the NaNo story believe in only The Four Sisters while Amara has never heard of them? That's when I came up with the idea that the gods were given different sections of the globe to govern over, and promised to stay out of the domains of the other gods. This would explain the isolation of the characters and why only certain gods were known only in certain locations. Problem now became wondering why the world was sectioned off in the first place.

I then came up with the idea of the large population of gods all fighting over how to rule Gyateara. There was a war over it and SOMEONE had to eventually step in and suggest that they just share via splitting the world. Each pantheon of gods would take a property equal to the power they controlled: large pantheons could control huge masses of land while The Four Sisters - the smallest pantheon - had a series of islands similar to The United Kingdom or Japan.

I then wondered who this lone voice was that created the truce among the warring gods. I named my first god - outside The Four Sisters - and was intrigued by her. I then wrote up a fable about her. It started out as her being the Goddess of Order and she had a twin brother who was the God of Chaos. They'd be two sides of the same coin constantly at odds with each other, but also appreciating the world's need for the other sibling. When I told Hubby my concept of my newest tale he informed me that while he liked the God of Chaos, my original goddess sounded more like a True Neutral character instead of a Lawful Good one. He also pointed out that my God of Chaos wasn't inherently evil - a true counter to a Lawful Good goddess. We talked it out some more and came to the conclusion that my original goddess from the creation story was actually the mother of the twin gods of Order and Chaos. Neither son was inherently "good" or "evil", so it worked out the way I wanted.

After I was done with those two tales I couldn't focus on anything else besides working on these pantheons. I went back and tried to tweak the fable of The Four Sisters so it sounded more original and less like a blatant Legend of Zelda rip-off. Hubby once again helped a great deal with that.

The three stories can be found both on Deviant Art as well as on my Fiction Press account: my first uploads there!

Here, check them out!
"The Divine War: The Creation of Gyateara"

"Ardista: The Neutral Mother"

"The Four Sisters: Creating the Northern Isles"

I wanted to work more on the vast number of gods that rule over Gyateara. I actually went to the FB group page that Omni started up for our writing group and declared that as my new weekly goal; since we had to cut the Skype meeting short none of us stated what our weekly goal would be.

I wasn't really sure where to go next with the pantheon though. I had been trying to work on this project for about three months - off and on - but the above three stories was all I had to show for my efforts. Hubby thought his friend The Bard had the D&D book Demigods and Deities - a book that helps players come up with such creatures - and suggested that I borrow the book at our next LARP session. Said session happened to be the same Saturday that Hubby beta-read my tales, and so I thought it would be perfect. I wouldn't skip a beat! I'd post the three stories on Sunday, read some of the book while Hubby was on his overnight shift, and then I'd breeze through my weekly goal!

Sadly, it turned out that he didn't have the book. Another friend of Hubby's was the owner, but he had donated all of his D&D books to the local library when he stopped playing. Even though I live next to said library, I've been a lazy lump on a log and haven't even set up a library card in the 2 1/2yrs that I've lived here. Guess THAT should be my next weekly goal....

Although, ironically, I DID just find a link for a PDF version of the book when I googled it to try to find a link for this posting. Guess I know what I'm doing with the rest of my week - well, aside from getting that library card.

Anyway, I tried to brainstorm more on my own, but cleaning and finishing the pillow for my niece took precedence. Plus - as I stated - I had no clue where to go next. It was easy to start with a Creation Story, and that brought about the one goddess Ardista. I then wanted to know more about her and why she was the one to call for peace. That's how I came up with the next tale of her and the idea of twin gods: Order and Chaos. The third tale was just a re-work of a story I had for years now. But now what? The only thing I could think of was to work out more about the mother of the Four Sisters, however I couldn't really think of anything.

Didn't really matter though, since we didn't have a writing group meeting this past week. We didn't even talk about possibly having a meeting this past week. Technically we haven't talked about having a meeting THIS WEEK either, so I need to get on that.

Guess that means my To Do list for today is:
Announce Blog Updates
Do Laundry
Read Demigods & Deities PDF to work on pantheons more
Stop being a bum and get a library card
Watch Captain America 2: Winter Soldier at the local one-screen theater for only $5 a ticket!

Yup. Today's gonna kinda rock.

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