Sunday, September 8, 2013

Delay Post

Yup, pushing the writing to the last minute again. I'm working diligently on it still, but I kept passing out at the computer all week while working on it. I'm hoping that's simply due to me being tired coupled with the strain on my eyes, and NOT because this is a boring chapter.... Anyway, I didn't start really working on it until 1am this morning, worked on it until 5am, fell asleep, and started working on it again about 1/2hr ago. I'm not sure if I'll get the chapter done before I go in to work at 3:30, and I don't want to post an official blog update for the week until I can link to this week's X-Future recap. So please excuse the delay, I hope to have the official post up either tonight or Tuesday. I know tomorrow will be shot since I'm pulling a nine-hour day at work and I have to keep cleaning the apartment for my mom and sister possibly swinging by this upcoming weekend.

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