Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas is Coming Up Quick

This week was mostly spent socializing and working on my Christmas gifts. Monday was the normal everyone-invades get-together. CelestialTyrant crashed at our place until Wednesday, and so Tuesday was spent socializing with him and working on Hubby’s gift while he was at work. Wednesday was more work on Hubby’s gift, and then we all hit up the mall to do some Christmas shopping.

Never bring three men to a Michael’s craft store if they’re ANYTHING like my friends! They were like kids the whole time. :D

Thursday was spent working on the rest of the Christmas gifts since Hubby was home the whole time. Friday was a long work day for both of us, and then there was more Christmas gift making. Saturday was the same as Friday. This evening I forewent sleeping while Hubby was at work so I could FINALLY get back to his gift. I honestly don’t know if it will be done in time.

Then, when I wasn’t crocheting I was looking up crochet patterns…. I have about 70 queued up for me to do!

However, poor Omnibladestrike has been so patient with me that I made sure to read his story while I was at work. I finally finished and sent him my edits this week – roughly a month after he posted the chapter on DeviantArt. You guys should check it out. Yes, there are some rough patches that I pointed out to him, but his revision is so much better than his past attempts. I think he’s finally finding his voice and rhythm with his writing. The biggest issue I still have is that the main character Mekonraiba doesn’t seem to have a consistent voice. I don’t know if he has Mekon’s voice in his head. It takes some time to build that though. That is, unless you’re Delaroux or DarkAngel1326, and then you have the characters yelling in your head.

Speaking of which, I wonder how her story is coming along… now that she’s going to have a bit more free time I wonder if she’ll start backup on Of Blood and Honor

Anyway, back to me.

Yes, I didn’t continue with my story. I didn’t even continue with the music video I’m working on with ChibiSunnie. At this point I think I won’t be getting anywhere near either of those projects until next month or even February; depending on how a major issue in my life pans out.

However, I did get a lovely letter from my uncle the other day.

When Hubby and I went to the extended family Thanksgiving gathering last month my uncle came up to me to ask about my writing progress. He had been following my NaNo-themed Facebook status updates and was genuinely curious on both my story and my writing in general. We talked about both my NaNo story and my Hey Arnold fanfictions. He seemed greatly excited for me and expressed interest in reading my works.

He then proudly proclaimed that he was a published author. A running LinkedIn group he is a member of wanted to write a collaborative book about the hobby. Since my uncle had already written some articles for, he rewrote the articles as a coherent chapter about motivation and submitted it to the group. They loved his work and included the chapter in the completed book. You can purchase the book as both a paperback and an ebook

How does this all relate to that letter I received this week? Well, when I got home from the Thanksgiving vacation I made sure to send him an email that had links to my Fanfiction profile and my NaNo story specifically. I then told him that I’d love to read his chapter as well. It’s quite exciting to have a published author in the family.

My uncle did one better. He sent me a copy of the book along with the aforementioned letter. He hadn’t read my Hey Arnold stories, but he did read my NaNo story and had the following to say about it:

 UNCLE: “Well, I finally got to read your story and it is good – very good! I hope you get a chance to finish it sometime soon. I’m looking forward to the completed story….The writing is very fluid, detailed, and kept my interest. And I don’t consider myself a fantasy, sci-fi, or comic book guy. I really see very few flaws in this ‘rough draft,’ so I would say you have a very promising future in writing. Good luck with this story and the other projects you were working on.”

Thank you so much for the encouragement, Uncle! It may be a while before I get back to Connor and Natalie, but I will continue their story.

Actually, I was thinking of putting “The Race For Destiny” on hold until I finish fully realizing Amara’s world and then place Connor and Natalie there. It will make the story a little less “Fable” and a little more “D&D” which is sort of a neutral zone when it comes to “fanfic” versus “original fantasy”. We’ll see how the story develops over the years.

Chibi also sent me a review/beta-edit of my story thus far. Unfortunately, I took NaNo’s “Don’t edit, just write” a little too much to heart. Apparently there was a huge block of text that I completely duplicated in one of the later chapters and I didn’t even notice. I don’t even know how I managed to do that! So I actually wrote 300 words less than I thought I did! Dang it!

She also pointed out a few other things that I’ll have to go back and tweak once I actually have the time to go back and edit. I do want to comment on a re-occurring statement that Chibi made. Paraphrasing it was “I had to chuckle at the cheesiness of…” I know! I know! There are some super cheesy moments in this story, but most of those cheesy names/moments are actually the scenes/names I completely swiped from the game Fable. “Chamber of Fate” is the actual name of the room where the hero graduates from the Heroes Guild as well as the room where the final boss battle takes place. Some of the cheesiness of Connor’s reaction to the Chamber of Fate relates heavily on the fact that it’s supposed to be a central location of major events in his life. Further in to the story that would be better explained, but if the reader is chuckling prior to these reveals perhaps I need to re-work how Connor acts… :P

Well, unless that Mayan Apocalypse turns out to be true, I’ll catch everyone next week! :D 

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